Wondering how to post a link on Instagram? The platform doesn’t let you add links to captions. But, you can put them in your Instagram profile and content in other ways. This helps easily build your brand and online presence on the platform.

Understanding the Limitations of Adding Links on Instagram

Instagram has strict rules about including clickable links in posts. These rules are in place to keep people on the app. This can make it hard for businesses and creators.

Instagram’s Policies on Clickable Links

You can add five clickable links in your bio on Instagram. But, you can’t add links in posts or comments. Other apps like Facebook and Twitter let you link text.

The Importance of Driving Traffic from Instagram

Despite these issues, getting traffic from Instagram is vital for businesses. There are over 1 billion users on Instagram. You can use features like Stories to get people to your site or store.

Knowing Instagram’s link limits and how to still get results is crucial. It helps use the app to get more leads, sales, and grow your brand.

How To Add Clickable Link To Instagram Post

Instagram usually doesn’t let you put clickable links in post captions. But, you can still add links to your posts. This can help send more people to your website, a certain page, or share important info. Adding links the right way can boost how many people see and interact with your posts.

When you can only put one link, use the link in bio feature. It lets you use a single URL on your Instagram profile. This is a great way to lead people to your website, blog, or any other link that matters. You can even make this one link better by using Linktree or Link.Gallery. These tools give you the chance to have more than one link available.

You can also add links to your Instagram Stories. This was first for big accounts but is now for everyone. This means you can highlight your products, services, or share cool stuff in your Stories. Using the “Swipe Up” and link stickers moves your audience to websites or special pages within Instagram.

Link in BioSingle clickable link on your Instagram profileAvailable to all users
Link Stickers in StoriesClickable stickers that direct users to external linksAvailable to all users
Swipe Up for LinksAbility to add a “Swipe Up” call-to-action in StoriesOriginally limited to verified accounts or those with over 10,000 followers, now available to all users

These ways are great for adding links to your Instagram posts. But, there are some rules. For example, you can only have five clickable URLs on your link-in-bio. This means you can’t put a lot of different links on your profile page.

It’s good to keep up with the latest tools and features for adding links on Instagram. Doing this can really boost your social media marketing. And it can bring more people, more interaction, and more sales to your business or brand.

New Opportunities to Add Links on Instagram

In 2024, more tools and features have become available on Instagram. They let you add clickable links, not just in your bio. These tools help you put links in your posts and stories. This can boost the visits to your website and help increase sales.

Comment Auto-Reply Messages

Instagram now allows automated replies to comments on your posts. This is cool because now you can include links in your replies. You could direct people to your website or a specific product page. This is a neat way to keep people interested in what you offer.

Instagram Direct Messages (DMs)

Sending clickable links in Instagram’s Direct Messages is now possible. It’s a great feature for both businesses and creators. Now, you can direct people to your website or store easily. This can help increase your online visits and sales.

Instagram Story Posts

Instagram Stories now offer more ways to share clickable links. Besides the Link Sticker, now you can put links right in your posts. This is great for showcasing products or sharing deals. It’s a fun way to drive your audience to your website.

Existing Methods to Add Links on Instagram

In addition to the new linking features, Instagram has several ways to add clickable links. One common method is by including a link in your bio. You can add up to five URLs in the bio section. This is a great spot to share your website, blog, or other important links.

Another way is by sending links in your Direct Messages (DMs). You can’t add clickable links to your posts or comments. But, you can share links privately with users or groups through DMs. It’s a good way to get people to visit specific pages or content.


How can I add a link to my Instagram post?

Instagram doesn’t allow links in posts. But there are ways around this. You can share links in your bio, stories, or in direct messages.

What are the limitations of adding links on Instagram?

It’s tough to add active links on Instagram because the platform wants to keep us here. They don’t want us clicking away to other websites.

Why is it important to be able to add links on Instagram?

If you can link your Instagram to your website, it helps boost your brand. Linking to landing pages or online properties can draw more people to your content.

What new opportunities are there to add links on Instagram in 2024?

By the end of 2024, we’ll see more ways to add links on Instagram than just in our bios. Auto-replies in comments, Direct Messages, and Stories will all offer new link-sharing options.