Instagram is amazing for telling stories through pictures. Now, you can add multiple photos in one post. This lets you share more with your followers and catch their eye in new ways.

If you’re into Instagram, this skill can change how you share stories. It shows a business or an influencer many new creative paths. Using Instagram’s “Layout” tool or making custom collages are great ways to start.

The 3 Main Ways to Add Multiple Photos to an Instagram Story

Instagram has changed into a place where eye-catching visuals stand out. Stories are a big hit for sharing daily experiences. Adding several photos to a Story? Here are three key ways:

Using the Layout Template in Instagram Story Create Mode

The Layout tool in Instagram’s Story section lets you put many pictures in a grid. This is perfect for showing off related images or various sides of a product or event. You get to select from lots of grid layouts to match your story’s look.

Layering Photos Using Instagram Story Create Mode

You can also stack photos as stickers in your Instagram Story. This way, you can freely place and size each pic for a special look. Just pick your photos and place them how you like on your Story’s background.

Uploading a Custom Collage from a Third-Party App

Want more control over your Story’s look? Make a collage with another photo-editing software or app, then upload it. Tools like Canva and Fotor have lots of templates and design options. They help you make a super-cool, multi-photo Story that flows well and grabs attention.

Pick the right method based on how creative you want to get and the look you’re after. Try the different ways to see which one fits your style and goals the best.

Step-by-Step Guide: Make a Collage on Instagram Story

Instagram has a cool feature for making collages on your Story. It lets you combine several images in an eye-catching way. You can choose to use a variety of pre-set grids or simply layer photos as stickers on your background. This makes sharing multiple pictures in one Story both easy and fun.

Using Instagram’s Built-in Collage Feature

Start by opening the Story feature. Then hit the Layout icon to choose your grid style, like 2×2 or 3×3. Adding photos is simple, following a top-to-bottom, left-to-right order. You can also remove the last photo you added if it doesn’t fit right. Don’t forget you can further customize your collage with drawings, text, filters, and stickers before you share it.

Layering Photos as Stickers

Alternatively, you can layer photos as stickers on your Story. First, open the Story mode and tap the Sticker icon. Choose “Create a Collage” to upload multiple photos to the background. Then you’re free to resize and place them as you like. This option gives you more creative control and is perfect for a personal touch on your collages.


How can I post multiple pictures on an Instagram Story?

Instagram offers many ways for users to share multiple pictures in one Story. You can pick up to 10 photos from your camera roll to upload as separate slides. Or, try out the “Layout” feature for a collage look.

Another cool option is to click photos as stickers on top of a Story’s background. You can also make custom collages with third-party editing apps and then post them on your Story.

What are the main methods for adding multiple photos to an Instagram Story?

There are three key methods. The first is using Instagram’s Layout feature for a pre-set template layout. The second is layering photos using Instagram’s Story mode. Lastly, you can make a custom collage with a different app and add it to your Story.

How do I use the Layout feature on Instagram to create a multi-image Story?

Creating a multi-image Story is easy with Instagram’s Layout feature. First, open the Story mode. Then, tap on the Layout icon to choose a grid style. This lets you pick how you want to set up your photos.

Can I add multiple photos to an Instagram Story by layering them as stickers?

Yes, you can layer photos as stickers onto your Story. This lets you move them around and place them just where you want. It’s a fun way to make a creative, multi-photo Story.