How to Gain Free TikTok Likes

How to Gain Free TikTok Likes

TikTok is the hottest social media app today. It's also much easier to build a following than on other creative platforms like YouTube – news about cool new content travels faster and gets seen by many more people. Still, you've got to know how to play the game to succeed.

Follow our guide to learn all about how to get free TikTok likes and what you can do to get ahead.

1. Learn Who Watches Your Videos

The first few people who comment on your videos will always have a special place in your heart (as long as they say nice things). Once you start to get more comments, pay attention to who seems to like your stuff.

Do you notice any trends? If you seem to be popular with certain age groups, demographics, or people with certain interests, these people are your core audience. You should speak to them. Tailor your videos to hit the tone people seem to already like and suddenly you're a TikTok creator with a brand.

Of course, you might want to branch out, too. That's fine – but there's always time for that. If you're lucky enough to identify a core audience you can speak to, you should hold onto them!

2. Stay On-Trend

Always pay attention to what's trending and be ready to put your special take on it. TikTok trends are a special combination of Twitter-style instant reactions to news and YouTube/Insta-style challenges and memes. The result is some incredibly funny content, and you want to be a part of that show.

People scroll through high volumes of trending stories because they're looking for the most unique and amusing takes to share with their friends. Everyone's seen the few hottest videos from the biggest creators already. This is a great time to score free TikTok likes because you stand a great chance of being the “lesser-seen” hot take that someone thinks is worth sharing.

3. Show Your Audience You're Having Fun

People are more likely to like your videos if they like you. Make sense?

If you don't look like you're having fun making your content, people won't understand why you're doing it. By “having fun”, of course, we mean anything from dressing up in multiple outfits and having a conversation with yourself to angrily ranting at the screen. People like all sorts of content, but the common denominator is that the creator is clearly into what they're doing.

It shows authenticity, and people are always looking for authentic voices on social media. A parody account can be authentic if it's making a point. But people get turned off when the creator doesn't appear to like anything about what they're doing. It stops being a fun show.

4. Duet

Dueting is a great way to get yourself noticed. It boosts your chances of being seen by followers of the creator whose video you're dueting. It also means you can riff on someone else's idea, which can make a nice change of pace and give you some breathing room if you're short on video ideas.

5. Comment (Without Being Weird)

Likewise, commenting on creators' videos who work within the same niche as you is a great idea. That is, as long as you don't transparently just comment to encourage people to come and see your TikTok instead. That's not cool and doesn't work very well.

It's a much better idea to become a regular part of the conversation. Show your appreciation for their craft. Point out stuff that you know must've been a labor of love for them in the video and say how cool you think it is. People love hearing appreciation for their hard work from someone who understands. This is how you start a conversation that can lead to a professional friendship and potentially huge volumes of free TikTok likes.

You should also be positive and respectful toward other creators' fans. When you're in their comments, you're a fan just like any other – become part of that community! Make friends with their followers! Positivity is always the best approach.

6. Engage with Brand Challenges

Brands love to post challenges and start trends on TikTok – it's an extremely effective marketing tactic. It helps them maintain a positive, friendly image at a very low cost.

While some people consider brand campaigns and TikTok challenges a bit cringe, many more people follow them and enjoy the resulting content. These people could be your free TikTok likes. You're always going to struggle to find likes and followers if you restrict your desired audience to “people who consider themselves discerning connoisseurs of high-quality content.” Just go with it.

Of course, sometimes brands' attempts to appear fun and approachable on social media go horribly wrong. There are two quality control checks you need to perform before you engage with a brand:

1. Does the brand have any controversial positions that would resonate poorly with your core audience?

2. Could the current challenge be in poor taste? If so, you may not want to jump on that wagon.

It pays to do a little research on brands before you get involved. However, consistently engaging with certain brands as your following grows could eventually lead to a commercial partnership. It's well worth your time.

7. Know When to Post

Again, it pays to know your target audience. This helps you choose the best time to post – if you're mostly followed by kids, then having a video go live around the time schools let out is a good idea. If your audience is slightly older, then lunchtime or around 5 PM might be the best option.

Generally, posting in the middle of the night isn't a great idea. Fewer people are awake, so fewer people will see it. TikTok is fairly localized, so your videos get recommended most to people nearby.

There are exceptions, of course. A bit of late-night drama posting can do wonders for certain types of accounts and some juicy, free TikTok likes.

8. Get Verified, Organic TikTok Likes Online

You can also acquire likes from real users online. It's important to use this strategy as part of a wider, organic approach. Your presence should grow gradually because if you go from 0-200,000 followers overnight, you'll be banned pretty shortly afterward.

This can be a good way to supplement your other strategies – just make sure you're acquiring real likes from a reputable provider.

The Wrap

Getting started on TikTok doesn't have to be a struggle. Stay positive, keep posting regularly, and be loyal to those who are loyal to you! You'll surely start acquiring free TikTok likes and followers.

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