TikTok, the short-form video application, has taken social media by storm. Anyone who is anyone has a TikTok account! There are millions of educational and entertaining videos on just about any subject on the platform. 

The real fun begins when you start sharing your own content. One of the main objectives is to get more followers and interaction on your account. More reach means more people will enjoy your content and that you can even start earning from your posts. You can gain followers organically, which is best, or you can boost your posts with advertising and crowd purchases (which you shouldn’t do!).

Here are some of the best TikTok tricks you can use immediately to help you get more views and grow your audience without spending a cent or aggravating the algorithm. 

Why Choose TikTok?

The TikTok app lets users create and share short videos and clips of 15 to 60 seconds long. It has over 800 million users. That is more people than Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Twitter have. Its parent company is hailed as the most valuable start-up in the world at the moment. 

One of the reasons people look for the best TikTok tricks to boost their accounts is that you get paid for content when you reach certain milestones. The app launched this facility in 2020 to reward top users’ time and effort in putting creative videos together. 

The rate of pay changes daily but is around $0.02 to $0.04 for every 1,000 views. Users need to meet a few criteria to qualify for payouts. These include:

• Being 18 or over.

• Being based in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, or Spain.

• Having at least 10,000 followers. (Buy Tiktok Followers)

• Having at least 100,000 views within the last 30 days. (Buy Tiktok Views)

• Complying with TikTok community guidelines and ToS.

So, without further ado, here are the best TikTok tricks to help you reach the top user and pay-grade status on the app. 

1. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the best TikTok tricks to help you gain visibility. By using hashtags, people interested in your “hashtagged” content will be shown it. They can then move over to your account to see what you’ve got going on. If you add hashtags, users can also find your content when they search for a hashtag you have included in your content. 

To discover what hashtags are on trend and thus valuable to use in your own content, tap the ‘Discover’ tab. You can then click on ‘trends’ and see what hashtags are doing the rounds.

2. Team Up

Whether a friend, influencer or celebrity, teaming up with other people in your content helps bring a fresh dynamic to it. By collaborating with someone with a substantial reach and/or an engaging personality, you’ll get the ‘ooh, look, it’s so-and-so!’ reaction, bringing more (new) views and engagements to your post. 

This new visibility can only be good for your account. You’ll find more followers will sign on and begin to engage with your posts. 

3. Develop an Authoritative Account 

A less-known tip for gaining more visibility on TikTok is to develop your account into an authoritative one. This means the TikTok algorithm will recognize your account as trustworthy and relevant, which means your content will get a boost. 

To achieve authority status, there are a few things you need to do. These include:

• Posting original videos and copy.

• Sharing consistently and responsibly.

• Networking with other accounts often. 

• Making the most of the trends. 

If you do this consistently, you’ll notice that your content has far more reach than ever. 

4. Follow Trends and “Go Viral”

If you aim to go viral, you’d do well to hop on any trends going. You can put your own spin on current music, sound effect, format, or dance trends – anything that appears to be cropping up a lot in social media circles. TikTok boosts on-trend content, so you’ll get a reach advantage. 

Coupled with the appropriate hashtags and engaging with your audience, your content will have a great shot at going viral if you hop on trends. As many people are looking for trending content, there is more chance they’ll come across your on-topic post. By following trends, you can get a lot more engagements, views, and new followers. 

5. Reaction Videos and Duets

As interacting or networking with others on the platform helps reward you, doing reaction videos and duets is a great way to get noticed. As people will already be picking up trending content, your reaction and duet content will show up in others’ feeds as well. 

Just remember that not all videos may be made into a duet. You can only duet videos that are on a public account. So, make sure you select the ones that give you this option so that you can attract more views and engagements. 

6. Make Slideshows

Another of the best TikTok tricks to get better traction is creating slideshows. You can make them on the app itself. Slideshows can be made quickly, so they can help you to keep posting consistently and getting rewarded for it. Couple the slideshow with a trending background tune, and you’re A for away. 

Making a slideshow is super easy to do. Click the + button and select the new content option of ‘slideshow.’ Then, you just need to add the photos and video clips you want to use. The app gives you the option to decide how long the footage is displayed, which goes a long way to helping you create original posts.

7. Share Your TikTok Content on Your Other Platforms

Cross-pollination is a fantastic way to get more reach. If your share your TikTok content on your other platforms, for example, on your Twitter account, you can draw new people to your account from different spa

Closing Thoughts

These are the best TikTok tricks to get your account off the ground and thriving. Keep an eye on what’s trending, develop your TikTok voice, and play it smart to keep expanding your audience!