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How to buy Instagram Followers?

1) Choose your desired amount or package:

1) Choose your desired amount or package:

Select one of our Followers packages or utilize our "Custom Amount" feature to specify the quantity of followers you desire. Click "Buy Now".
2) Locate your account or insert the link:

2) Locate your account or insert the link:

On the "Get Started" page, input your Instagram post link or use our "Find by Instagram username" feature. Add your email address and proceed by clicking "Continue".
3) Complete Checkout:

3) Complete Checkout:

On the "Checkout" page, proceed with your credit/debit card payment or Apple Pay. You can also add bonuses and apply a coupon code on this page.
4) Track Your Order:

4) Track Your Order:

Upon successful purchase, you'll be redirected to the Order Status page, where you can track the delivery status of your followers order.

What's special about Gramy's Instagram Followers?

Ordering Instagram Followers through Graming not only elevates your account's popularity but also significantly boosts its visibility and helps your content get recommended

24/7 Live Support

We provide the best customer support experience around the clock. Our dedicated team is available 24/7, ensuring help is always just a click away through our on-site chat feature. Whatever your needs, we're here to offer assistance at any hour.

Fast Order Completion Time

We care about our customers and their social brand. That's why our smaller packages are delivered more quickly, while larger packages are spread out over a longer period to simulate genuine likes acquisition, preventing any potential negative impact on your account from Instagram algorithms.

Secure Payment Options

Your security is our priority. Graming offers a variety of secure payment methods, including credit cards and Apple Pay. You can place an order without the need for registration, ensuring a safe and hassle-free transaction.

No Password Needed

We will never ask for your password or any other private information. After placing your first order, our system automatically creates an account for you. To enhance security further, we recommend changing your password in your account panel or via your first order email.

Refund Guarantee System

We prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. If you've mistakenly ordered a service for a private account or used an incorrect link format, our system detects the error and automatically initiates a refund to your newly created Graming account.

Instant Delivery Start

Once you place an order on Graming, we initiate processing your order immediately upon purchase completion. We take pride in our guaranteed instant delivery start, ensuring your service begins without any delay. Our average delivery start time for Instagram Followers is less than 3 minutes.

Customer Reviews

At Graming, we take pride in delivering the highest quality service to ensure our clients' satisfaction and meet their needs.

Best followers 

Superb service and great quality
Katherine Thomas
Verified Purchase

My instagram page skyrocketed

Ordered some followers here and then turned on ads, got new followers instantly.
Verified Purchase

Best place to buy instagram followers

I've been ordering followers and other service here for over 4 month, and the service been outstanding so far!
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Quick service

Ordered 100 followers and they came almost instantly.
Alicia Johnson
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Amazing platform, boosted my account super fast. thanks a lot!
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Best Instagram Growth service

Real followers started coming quickly, thank you Graming!
Madison Smith
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Ordered 500 followers

Just received my order, and I will order more here. Best quality service from what i tried previously.
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Premium Followers are outstanding 

Tried high-quality and it's quite good, but the premium service is so perfect, feel like real ig users.
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Fast service

Ordered just 30 minutes ago, and my order for 1000 followers is already completed, thx!
Daniel Soton
Verified Purchase

Best of the best

Thanks Graming for this quality and service speed, helps me with managing multiple SMM profiles.
Verified Purchase

Instant delivery 

Very quick service, and followers are also great!
Verified Purchase

Love you Graming

Best website to buy Instagram followers! Tested multiple times and it's been always great!
Barbara Cooper
Verified Purchase

Active followers

Order premium package, account look so real. They also consistently post new stories and photos. Perfect!
Verified Purchase

Great quality

This service is amazing, using for my of accounts
Verified Purchase

Increased my reach 

Once i bought followers, my reach and stats also grew, thanks! 
Sonia Adams
Verified Purchase

Unlock Instagram Growth – Buy IG Followers

Purchasing Instagram followers has become a popular strategy for individuals and businesses looking to boost their social media presence. By buying real Instagram followers, you can increase your visibility, credibility, and engagement on the platform.

When considering trying Instagram followers service, it’s crucial to opt for a reputable platform that provides best quality followers, and Graming is the premier choice for this.

By ordering Instagram followers, you can enhance your social media journey, build trust with your target audience, and surpass your competitors in terms of brand awareness. Our secure payment methods and a 180-day follower refill guarantee ensure a positive customer experience and long-term success for your Instagram marketing strategy.

Why Are Instagram Followers Important?

Instagram algorithms play a crucial role in determining the visibility of content on the platform. These algorithms analyze various factors, including the number of followers, likes, comments, shares and other stats, to rank content and determine its reach.

Having a larger number of followers can signal to the algorithms that your content is popular and relevant, increasing its chances of being promoted to a wider audience. This can lead to higher engagement rates, more visibility, and organic growth for your Instagram account.

The Role of Instagram Algorithms in Promoting Content

Instagram algorithms are designed to promote content that is likely to engage users and keep them active on the platform. They prioritize posts from real accounts with a high engagement rate and actively demote content that appears to be spammy or low-quality.

To leverage these algorithms and¬†grow your Instagram, it’s essential to focus on creating valuable and engaging content. By consistently providing high-quality posts that resonate with your target audience, you can increase your chances of being favored by the algorithms and¬†increase your reach.

Additionally, it is important to foster meaningful interactions with your followers by responding to comments, engaging in conversations, and participating in relevant hashtags. This level of engagement signals to the algorithms that your content is valuable and encourages them to promote it further.

Is it safe to buy followers on Instagram from Graming?

When considering purchasing followers on Instagram, one of the main concerns is the safety and security of your Instagram account. It’s crucial to select trusted platforms offering high-quality services to ensure a positive experience and maintain good account health, and we take pride in being one such platform.

Graming is a reputable service provider that offers a secure and reliable website for buying Instagram followers. With years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a trustworthy platform, providing top-notch quality services to our customers. Graming understands the importance of user safety and security, ensuring that all transactions and personal information are protected.

One of Graming’s primary goals is customer satisfaction. We prioritize our customers’ needs and strive to exceed their expectations. With our reliable 24/7 customer support team, we are always ready to assist you with any concerns or queries you may have.

Why You Should Buy Instagram Followers from Graming?

When it comes to boosting your Instagram presence, buying cheap Instagram followers from Graming is a smart choice. With our high-quality service, you can experience numerous advantages that can help take your Instagram account to the next level.

Benefits of Buying Instagram Followers from Graming

1. Accelerate Instagram Growth: By increasing your follower count, purchasing Instagram followers can quickly accelerate your Instagram growth. It attracts more organic followers and enhances the credibility of your account, making it more enticing for potential followers.

2. Attract Brands and Businesses: Having a larger follower count can catch the attention of brands and businesses looking for influencers or partnerships. It showcases your reach and influence on Instagram, increasing your chances of collaborations and opportunities.

3. High-Quality and Premium Followers: Graming provides premium quality accounts for active followers and users on Instagram. This ensures high-quality engagement for your account and strengthens your overall presence on the platform.

When you¬†buy real Instagram followers¬†from Graming, you not only boost your credibility and¬†attract new followers¬†but also position yourself for potential partnerships and collaborations with brands and businesses. It’s a strategic investment that can propel your¬†Instagram growth¬†and enhance your online presence.

What happens when you buy Instagram followers?

When you order Instagram followers, you open the door to several positive outcomes for your brand and Instagram presence. Firstly, by attracting more followers, you increase your Instagram presence and gain greater brand exposure. This influx of followers also provides social proof, showcasing to others that your brand is credible and worth following. As a result, you can expect to see higher engagement numbers, with more Instagram users showing interest in your brand and content.

Another significant bonus of buying ig followers is the increased visibility it brings to your Instagram account. With a larger follower count, your brand becomes more noticeable to a wider audience. This increased visibility leads to greater credibility, as people often associate trust with brands that have a significant following. Additionally, buying followers can save you time and money compared to the lengthy process of organic growth, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your Instagram marketing strategy.

Another advantage of buying Instagram followers is the opportunity to surpass your competitors. With a higher follower count and increased engagement, you can establish yourself as an influencer in your niche. This status not only sets you apart from your competition but also attracts more organic followers who are drawn to your authority and influence. Ultimately, the larger follower count gained through buying Instagram followers contributes to your brand awareness and overall Instagram growth.

tsIn summary, purchasing Instagram followers offers numerous benefits for your brand. It enhances your Instagram presence, boosts your brand exposure and social proof, increases engagement numbers, and improves your visibility and credibility among Instagram users. Moreover, buying followers allows you to save time and money, surpass your competitors, and establish yourself as an influencer in your niche. By building trust with your target audience, buying Instagram followers can significantly contribute to the success of your Instagram marketing strategy.


What are the advantages of buying Insta Followers?

The advantages of buying Instagram followers include boosting your social credibility, increasing your reach and visibility, and attracting more organic followers.

Is Graming the best site to buy Instagram Followers?

Graming stands out for its reliability, quality services, and dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction, establishing itself as a #1 option for purchasing followers.

Is it safe to buy Instagram Followers?

Yes, buying Instagram followers from trusted providers like Graming is safe, especially if you opt for high-quality or premium services.

How to buy Instagram Followers?

To purchase Instagram followers, simply select your desired package or use the custom amount feature, provide your account details, and securely complete the purchase process.

Can I track order status after my purchase?

Yes, you can track the status of your order after purchase through your Graming dashboard.

How quick will my followers be delivered?

The delivery time for your followers depends on the package size, but we strive to deliver them as quickly as possible while maintaining the best quality.

What other Instagram services does Graming offer?

In addition to Instagram followers, Graming offers various other services such as Instagram likes, Instagram Views, Instagram Saves, Instagram Reach, Instagram Impressions and Instagram Story Views.

Can I get a refund if made an incorrect order for Instagram followers?

Yes, if you made an order to a private account or used the wrong link format, our system will automatically detect the issue and initiate a refund within 15-30 minutes to your Graming balance. You can then use this balance to order followers again after fixing the problem with your account privacy settings or link type. For any other inquiries, you can contact our support team.

Do you need my password? 

No, we do not need your password to deliver Instagram followers. Your account security is our top priority.

Will my purchased followers decrease or disappear with time?

The purchased followers may decrease over time due to updates and changes in Instagram’s algorithms, as the goal is to mimic the behavior of real users. However, we offer guaranteed refills through our live support, so feel free to reach out to us if you experience any drops.

What is the difference between high-quality and premium followers?

High-quality followers typically have profile pictures, bios, and some posts, but may not be consistently active. On the other hand, premium followers are more active on the platform, regularly posting new photos and stories in addition to having profile pictures and bios.

Should I have public account to order Instagram followers?

Yes, your account settings should be set to public when ordering followers from Graming. If your account was set to private during the purchase, our system will automatically refund the amount to your Graming balance. You can then use this balance to purchase followers or any other service again after fixing the settings.

What happens when you buy instagram followers?

When you buy Instagram followers, your follower count increases, which can enhance your social proof, credibility, and visibility on the platform.

Is it illegal to buy insta followers? 

Buying Instagram followers is not illegal, but it’s crucial to ensure that you’re using reputable providers like Graming that adhere to Instagram’s terms of service.

Do influencer, celebrities and brands tend to buy instagram followers?

Yes, influencers, celebrities, and brands often buy followers to boost their social credibility, attract more organic followers, and enhance their online presence.

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