Do you want to know how the Instagram algorithm works in 2022? Whenever the insta algorithm changes, it directly affects the influencer & brands’ profiles engagement. That’s why it is significant to deeply understand the algorithm to get succeeded in this social media marketing world. In this blog, we will let you know the importance of Instagram algorithm & how it works for your regular uploaded content whether it is posts, stories, explore page or reels.

In this blog, we will let you know the importance of Instagram algorithm & how it works for your regular uploaded content whether it is posts, stories, explore page or reels.

If you are worried for your engagement rate, you must know the Instagram algorithm factors to maximise the exposure of your content. However, the Insta algorithm is a set of guidelines for how and when to post certain content. These algorithms often changes, and when they are updated, your yesterday’s ranked content might become less valuable after the latest update. So you need to understand how the algorithm works and how to improve your profile insights. Let’s discuss all the newest ranking factors to reach a wider audience.

How does Instagram Algorithm Work in 2022? 

The Instagram algorithm is accountable for what the Audience sees. It can either get high content engagement or sometimes hide the content. Hence, it has changed how social media marketing strategies work; that’s why it is necessary to stay up-to-date. However, the algorithm is divided into three categories, as people use insta differently. So here, we will discuss the algorithm process for the stories, feeds, and reels. Let’s have a look

Algorithm for Insta Feed 

Instagram has observed that people wish to first see their friends’ posts in their feeds and stories. So the algorithm’s purpose is to show you the posts by people you know and follow, starting with their latest posts. However, the algorithm depends on a new set of information that determines which posts get the most engagement.

  • How many likes does your post get? What type of post do you make to engage people?
  • Poster Details: how appropriate the poster is to your profile and how frequently people have interacted with the person.
  • Your Interaction History: How often have you communicated or engaged with the Audience, or how many posts have you liked?
  • History: What kind of content do you actually want to consume?

The above factors are combined and give a “score of interest.” Even though the algorithm observes different interactions to determine post-performance, it means the more a person interacts with a post, the better it will rank. So, always know your Audience and what kind of content they want from you. Before posting, think twice about how people could interact with the post and what you have to do to get more interactions.

Algorithm For Instagram Stories

The stories algorithm is pretty similar to the insta posts. The stories that emerge first are from the account that has more engaged audience. The only variation in the algorithm is how insta stories are engaged & consumed compared to the posts. These stories are often binge-watched, so it creates a better chance of your stories being seen if you post them often. The algorithm will grow your engagement rates and help your insta stories appear in the front.

Instagram Algorithm For Explore Page

Here you can find something a bit interesting. The Instagram algorithm for posts and stories on your feed is based on accounts you follow. But on the explorer page, the algorithm shows you the new content that seems amazing and relevant. If you find your post on the discover page, check the post insights to see where your post has reached. You can check these details if you wish to know how the algorithm works for the explorer page.

  • Post details—how many people liked, commented and shared your post.
  • Interactions of users with other people and influencers
  • Your activity with the posts on the discover page As an example, if you favor video or reels over photos,
  • The other aspect is how many Instagram users have interacted with the posts in the past few weeks & how users interacted with them in the form of likes, comments, and shares.

So insta follows the recommended instructions as the rules for choosing which post should be displayed on the explore page. Moreover, the explore page algorithm also considers hashtags and search terms. If you search for “brownies,” Instagram can make out famous brownie images and recommend them to you.

Algorithm For Reels

Sharing reels is one of the great ways to go viral; if you get the algorithm for reels, you can reach a wider audience. The algorithm of posts, stories, and explore pages also applies to the reels. The most amazing, engaging, interactive reel will have a high chance of getting viral.

Moreover, if you wish to increase the exposure of your reel in the insta algorithm, then post it on your feed and use relevant hashtags. You can also buy instagram views, It will help you make your reels quickly to find and more relevant to particular users and have a high chance of appearing on the explore page.

Valuable Tips to Boost Your Content’s Ranking on Instagram

Now, you know how the algorithm works and how it is responsible for what the Audience sees. But how can we enhance our rankings? Here, we will let you know some key tips that will help you get high engagement on your content. 

  1. Uses the right Hashtags- using the right hashtags are essential if you wish to boost your reach. It also helps your content appear on the explore page & will reach a mass audience.
  2. Post High-Quality Content- one of the great ways to engage the Audience with your content is by posting high-quality photos or videos, creating an interesting post that people want to see. It will increase the chances of getting viral with the algorithm. 
  3. Engage with Audience- it is another way to boost your content engagement if you respond to comments & communicate with your followers. 
  4. Make Creative Reels- you can gain more visibility on Instagram by sharing the creative, promoting reels. Try to post more reels to keep your followers engaged with your content. Always make your video short & entertaining to engage a person to the end of the video.
  5. Schedule Your Posts at the Right Time– User interaction is essential in getting ranked, so you have to ensure that your content posting time is right. It will make a vast difference in getting the organic reach.
  6. Keep Posting Stories- Instagram stories are a great way to engage the Audience. They are the best at sharing what’s going on. Hence, stories are a speedy way to connect with your Audience that people love. So always share stories and play with the audience by sharing questions/answers & polls.


Now you know how the Instagram algorithm 2022 works for reels, posts, stories, and explore pages. The key idea is the more likes, comments, shares, and interaction you get on your content, the more it will be ranked. So try to make creative content & Concentrate on overall relationships, engagements, and high-quality content to get high engagement. Hope this article will be helpful for you in knowing how you can make your content ranked by following the algorithm guidelines.