How much should you post on Instagram? It’s a big question for both businesses and individuals. Getting the right mix of how often and what you post matters a lot. There isn’t a set answer for all, but advice from experts can get you started.

Start by making a social media plan. Then, try posting at different times to see what works best. Look at how well your posts do and change your plan as needed. This way, you’ll figure out the best posting schedule for your account by 2024.

Does Posting Frequency on Instagram Really Matter?

The more often you post on Instagram, the more your followers get to know you. This helps build trust and boosts interaction with your posts. Social media experts agree that being consistent with posting on Instagram is vital for growth and engagement.

Short Answer and Social Media Expert Insights

Yes, how often you post on Instagram is important. Keeping a regular schedule is crucial for success in social media. According to Adam Mosseri, it’s good to post a few times on your main feed each week. He also suggests sharing updates in your Instagram stories daily.

Defining Social Strategy and Achievable Posting Cadence

Start by setting clear goals for your social media and then work out a schedule you can stick to. Posting 1-3 times daily may speed up your growth. However, most brands find success with as little as 3 posts a week. Apps like Instagram like it when you post regularly, even if it’s only a few times a week. Consistency is key to earning trust and more interaction.

Experimenting with Different Post Types and Content Analysis

Try out various types of posts to see what your audience likes best, like Instagram Reels, Stories, and regular posts. Regularly check how your content is doing and make changes when needed. This helps you find the best posting schedule on Instagram for your business by 2024.

Having a clear strategy and trying different content, but also setting an achievable posting goal, can help you succeed on Instagram.

How Often Should You Post Instagram Feed Posts in 2024?

In 2024, knowing how often to post on Instagram will be key for businesses and creators. We looked at more than 19 million posts from Jan 1, 2023, to Oct 1, 2023. This helped us understand the changing trends and what works best.

Data Analysis of Instagram Feed Post Frequency

The right number of posts changes with the size of your account. Those with 0-10K followers, called nano accounts, typically post twice a week. For micro accounts, with 10K-100K followers, three posts a week is normal. And mid-sized accounts, with 100K-500K followers, usually post five times a week. So, as your followers increase, you might post more to keep them interested.

Now, there’s more focus on posting fewer times but with better content. This new direction could be from people feeling overwhelmed by too much online content. They now prefer to see carefully chosen and valuable posts. But, what works for you can also depend on when you post, the goals of your posts, and how well they do.

Key Takeaways on Instagram Feed Posting Cadence

  1. Nano accounts (0-10K followers) should aim for 2 feed posts per week.
  2. Micro accounts (10K-100K followers) should post 3 feed posts per week.
  3. Mid-sized accounts (100K-500K followers) should post 5 feed posts per week.
  4. There is a shift towards a “quality over quantity” approach in Instagram feed posting.
  5. Posting frequency should be informed by factors like seasonality, campaigns, and content performance analysis.

To do better on Instagram, understand these points and adapt your strategy. This way, you can make sure your posts are seen and loved in the new year.

Account SizeAverage Weekly Feed Posts
Nano Accounts (0-10K Followers)2
Micro Accounts (10K-100K Followers)3
Mid Accounts (100K-500K Followers)5

Adjust how often you post based on your followers and what they like. This will help you share content regularly and keep people interested in 2024. Always check how well your posts are doing. This will help you keep your Instagram relevant and powerful.

How Often Should You Post Instagram Stories in 2024?

Instagram is changing fast. It’s all about showing off cool pictures and videos. The Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, says we should post a lot of Stories each day. This keeps people interested and your stuff out there in the big social media world.

You should aim to post more than once a day. Check how your Stories are doing with Instagram Analytics to figure out the best times. When you post can affect how many people see or like your Stories. Posting seven times a day is sometimes recommended.

If you want to be seen every day, try breaking up long videos. You can also reuse stuff from other places, show what happens behind the main scene, and share your posts again. It’s a good idea to get people to talk to you through questions and polls. This makes your Stories fun to watch.

Special tools make it easier to plan and schedule Stories in advance, making NapoleonCat’s Publisher a good choice. It helps create a plan for posting Stories regularly. Plus, tools like NapoleonCat can tell you how your Stories are doing, like how many people are watching and interacting with them.

With these tools, you can work better as a team to make and share Stories. This way, you can keep your audience interested and engaged all through 2024.

Recommended Weekly Posting Frequency on Instagram

For 2024, experts suggest posting 2-3 Instagram Feed updates and 4-5 Stories every week. This is known to keep your audience engaged but not overloaded.

If you’re just starting or have a small account, begin with 3-4 Stories a week and a Feed post. This helps you stay consistent. Later, as you get more followers, increase this to 5 Story updates and 4-5 Feed uploads.

Finding the right mix of how often and what to post is crucial. Posting too much can tire your followers out. Yet, not posting enough can slow down your growth. Try different approaches and use Instagram Insights to see what works best for your audience.


How often should you post on Instagram?

Posting often on Instagram is good for building a strong audience. Yet, the right amount depends on your page’s size and what works best with your followers. It’s about finding a balance between putting up regular posts and ensuring they’re high quality.

Does posting frequency on Instagram really matter?

Absolutely, how often you post on Instagram affects your follower engagement. Your audience learns to trust and interact with you more if your posts are consistent. But, it’s key to be realistic about how often you can create and share good content.

How often should you post Instagram feed posts in 2024?

In 2024, ideal Instagram feed posting varies by account size. Smaller accounts post around 2 times a week, medium-sized accounts post 5 times. It shows different needs based on your audience size.

How often should you post Instagram Stories in 2024?

Trends suggest you should post Stories more often than feed content. Smaller accounts do about 3 Stories a week, while bigger ones get up to 15. This keeps your followers engaged in your daily stories.

What is the recommended weekly posting frequency on Instagram in 2024?

For 2024, you should share a mix of feed posts and Stories, focusing on making each one count. Quality beats quantity, but regular checks on what works best for your account are vital. This ensures your posts reach and engage your followers well.