Deleting lots of Instagram posts individually can be a real chore. But now, Instagram makes it easy with a “bulk delete” option. This lets users remove many old photos and videos at once.

To use this, go to your profile’s “Your Activity”. Then, find “Photos and Videos” and click on “Posts”.

Now, just pick the posts you want gone and confirm. This way, users can tidy up their account quickly.

Unlocking Instagram’s Bulk Delete Feature

Dealing with lots of Instagram posts can be tough. But now, Instagram has a new “bulk delete” feature. This makes getting rid of old or unwanted content much easier. We’ll show you how to use this important tool.

Accessing the “Your Activity” Menu

To start, go to your Instagram profile. Tap the menu button at the top right. Then, choose “Your activity.” You’ll see your posts, comments, and more all in one place.

Navigating to “Photos and Videos”

In “Your activity,” find the “Photos and videos” section. This is key because it lets you manage all your Instagram posts.

Selecting the “Posts” Option

Now, click on “Photos and videos” and then “Posts.” This shows all your posts. You can decide what to keep, archive, or delete all at once.

How To Delete Multiple On Posts Instagram

First, go to the “Posts” section in your “Your Activity” menu on Instagram. From there, select the posts you want to delete. This makes it easy to delete any unwanted or old Instagram posts. You’ll be able to start fresh with a clean slate.

Choosing Posts to Delete

To delete, tap on the posts that you want to remove. Then, click on the checkboxes beside the photos and videos. You can choose more than one at a time, making it easy to bulk delete items from your Instagram account.

Confirming the Deletion

Once you’ve chosen the posts, hit the Delete button. This will remove the Instagram posts from your profile for good. It leaves your Instagram feed looking clean and updated.

Starting Fresh with a Clean Slate

Deleting multiple Instagram posts at once lets you start fresh. You’ll have a clean slate on your Instagram profile. This helps you keep your Instagram looking great. Your page can show the image you aim for, whether it’s for a brand or personal use.

Previewing Your Feed Before Deleting

Deleting multiple Instagram posts is simple with the bulk delete feature. But, before saying goodbye to your photos for good, you might want to see how your feed looks. The Preview app helps with this.

Using Preview App to “Hide” Posts

The Preview app has a cool “hide” feature. It lets you hide posts without deleting them. This gives you a chance to test how your feed will look after removing some posts.

Visualizing Your Grid Changes

With the “hide” feature on Preview, Instagram users can see possible grid changes. They get to plan what posts to remove and see the outcome. This ensures they love how their profile looks before making any big changes.


How can I delete multiple Instagram posts at once?

Instagram now lets you delete photos and videos in bulk from your profile. The method is simple. First, go to “Your Activity” and then “Photos and Videos.” Next, choose the “Posts” option. From here, select what you want to delete and confirm. This way, you can easily clean up your feed and start fresh.

How do I access the “bulk delete” feature on Instagram?

To start deleting posts in bulk, visit your Instagram profile. Click the menu in the top right. Then, go to “Your activity,” and choose “Photos and videos.” Tap on “Posts” to see your posts and begin deleting the ones you don’t want.

How do I select and delete multiple Instagram posts at once?

After getting into the “Posts” section through “Your Activity,” select the posts you wish to remove. Then, click on “Delete” to get rid of them. It’s a quick way to tidy up your profile and have a fresh start.