Collaborating with other creators and brands on Instagram is a great way to gain more followers. Instagram Collab posts make this easy. With this feature, you can work on a post with up to five other accounts. Your post will show up on all these accounts. This is better than just mentioning another account sometimes. The Collab feature became available in late 2021. Since then, Instagram has made it possible for up to six accounts to team up on a post.

What is an Instagram Collab Post?

Defining Instagram Collabs

Instagram Collabs are a cool way users can work together on posts. If you start a post, you can ask others to join as collaborators. Then, that post goes on both of your feeds. This shows the post to more people.

This feature works for normal posts, Instagram Reels, and more. But, it doesn’t work for Instagram Stories or Live streams.

Benefits of Collab Posts

Making Instagram collab posts helps creators and brands in many ways. You share followers, grow your audience, and increase how much people interact with your content.

  • Grow your reach by working with accounts that have different followers.
  • Use your collaborator’s trust to make your own brand look better.
  • Work together to make content faster, saving time and effort.
  • See how well your collab posts do, like who sees them and who likes them.

Collab posts are key for creators and brands wanting to get bigger online. They help connect with new people on Instagram.

How to do a Collab Post on Instagram

Working on Instagram collabs can be a huge win for creators, influencers, and brands. The Instagram Collab feature lets users make posts together. This helps reach new audiences and creates win-win partnerships. Here’s a simple guide to making an Instagram Collab post:

  1. Invite a Collaborator: Start a new Instagram post or Reel and find the “Tag people” option. Click “Invite collaborator” to find who you want to team up with.
  2. Accept the Invitation: Your chosen collaborator gets a notification to join your post. Thanks to them needing to accept, your accounts must be public.
  3. Finalize the Post: When your partner accepts, finish and post your Instagram content. This Collab post will show up on both your profiles, letting your supporters interact with it.

Instagram Collab isn’t ready for Instagram Stories or live sessions yet. Also, a maximum of six people can work on one post. This means there’s a lot of room for content creators, influencers, and brands to get creative and co-create content.

There are some good tips to follow when collaborating on Instagram:

  • Ensure your content helps both fan bases.
  • Agree on clear goals for your work together.
  • Be open and respect each other’s creative ideas all along the way.
  • If you’re being paid, follow Instagram’s rules and mention it, even with the Collab feature.

Using Instagram Collab posts well can open doors to growing your audience, connecting authentically, and finding new partnerships on the platform. Use this feature to increase your influence, build real relationships, and make content that your followers and the Instagram community love.

Instagram Collab Post Ideas

Brands and creators now love using Instagram Collab posts. They find new and cool ways to work together. This feature helps increase followers, likes, and grow their audiences.

A famous bakery joined forces with a top chocolatier for Valentine’s Day. They showcased a unique product line for the occasion. It caught the eye of their followers, making them want to be part of this special event.

Another great example is when an astrologer and a jewelry brand teamed up. Together, they showed off accessories inspired by zodiac signs. They reached new people and shared something people wanted to see.

Not just for cool posts, collabs are also used for running contests and launching products. This way, they can make a bigger splash and get more people excited. They work together to create something that everyone loves, building a community vibe.


What is an Instagram Collab Post?

An Instagram Collab post is shared by many accounts. The post’s creator invites others to join. If they agree, the post appears on all their feeds.

What are the benefits of using Instagram Collab posts?

Collab posts help your content reach more people. They also help you gain followers and increase interaction. This boosts your brand’s visibility on Instagram.

How do you create an Instagram Collab post?

First, the main account invites others to collaborate. Everyone involved must agree. This is done in the mobile app while posting, using the “Tag people” and “Invite collaborator” options.

What types of content can be used in an Instagram Collab post?

Almost all Instagram posts can be part of a collab, like Reels or photos. But, this doesn’t work for Instagram Stories.

How can brands and creators use Instagram Collab posts?

They can use it for brand partnerships, influencer collabs, or to launch products. Collab posts let everyone share content and engagement, which leads to more exposure and new followers.