Instagram is a favorite for sharing visual stories. But what if you have to change a post? Luckily, you can edit posts even after publishing them.

Do you need to fix a typo, add a location, or update alt text? Editing is easy. Instagram also helps by adding alt text for the visually impaired. But, tweaking this text can make your profile more open to everyone.

This guide will show you how to edit an Instagram post step by step. We’ll cover editing the caption, tags, location, and alt text. Let’s get started improving your Instagram content.

Editing Your Published Instagram Posts: A Step-by-Step Guide

Using Instagram a lot? You might need to edit your Instagram post now and then. You could fix a typo, add more people, or change the alt text for better access. Editing your post is easy and fast, all in the app.

Accessing the Edit Option on Your Post

To edit a post, first open Instagram. Go to your profile and find the post. Then, tap the three-dot icon in the top right to see a menu. From there, choose “Edit” to start your changes.

Updating the Caption, Tags, and Location

In the edit mode, you can update your caption, add or change hashtags. You can also tag people and alter the post’s location. Make sure to check your edits to keep the post exciting and correct for followers.

Editing the Alt Text for Accessibility

Besides caption and tags, Instagram lets you edit the alt text too. This is great for making your content more accessible to visually impaired users. Use descriptive alt text to include everyone and make your posts easy for all to enjoy.

What You Can and Cannot Edit on Instagram

Editing Instagram posts comes with options and some limits. Knowing what you can edit helps users keep their posts just right. This includes making needed changes without losing the original intent.

Editable Elements of an Instagram Post

Users can change a lot in their Instagram posts. Things like the caption, hashtags, tagged people, and the alt text are all fair game. This lets users fix mistakes or make their post better for everyone, even those who are visually impaired.

Non-Editable Elements of an Instagram Post

On the other hand, once a post is up, you can’t change the published photos or videos. You also can’t add new images to an existing post. Plus, you can’t tweak an Instagram Reel’s reel cover after the first upload.

If something needs a big change or has a serious mistake, it’s best to start over. Delete the problem post and upload a corrected version. This keeps your profile true to your brand or personal style.


Can I edit an Instagram post after it has been published?

Yes. According to the first source, Instagram lets you make quick and easy edits to your posts after they’re published. You can alter the post’s caption, tags, location, and the alt text under your photo or video.

How do I edit an Instagram post?

To edit a post, first open the app as described by the first source. Then, go to your profile and find the post you wish to change. Tap the three dots in the post’s top right corner, and choose “Edit” from the options.

What can I edit on an Instagram post?

The source expands on what you can tweak in a post. You’re free to adjust the caption, tags, location, and alt text. But remember, the original photo or video content can’t be changed.