Instagram is hugely popular, with over a billion people using it worldwide. Many users wonder how to keep their followers hidden without going private. Sadly, there’s no easy way to hide all followers on Instagram.

Rather than going private, users can control who sees their followers. This is done by blocking certain accounts. To hide followers, start by tapping the three dots on a certain profile. This action prevents the blocked user from seeing various things like posts, stories, and messages.

Remember, if you unblock a user, they can see your stuff again. Instagram also has a “Restrict” feature. It lets you hide comments from specific followers until you approve them.

Understanding Instagram’s Privacy Settings

Instagram is a unique place for users. They balance sharing their lives while keeping some parts private. Many users are unsure about who can see their followers.

Accessing Account Settings

First, go to your Instagram account settings. Here, you can check and adjust your profile, post, and follower visibility.

Locating the ‘Followers’ Setting

Then, find the ‘Followers’ section in your settings. You can choose who gets to view your follower list. This feature lets you make your profile as private as you like.

With Instagram’s privacy settings, you have lots of control. You can adjust who sees your content, including your list of followers. These settings help keep a balance between connecting with others and protecting your own privacy.

How to Hide Your Followers on Instagram Without Private Account

If your aim is to keep your list of followers hidden while actively promoting your Instagram, going private isn’t ideal. Instead, you should consider blocking certain users.

Blocking Specific Accounts

Blocking someone on Instagram stops them from seeing your posts and followers. They can’t check out your stories, DM you, or tag you in posts either. This method lets you keep your follower list away from specific people without going private.

Restricting Accounts

Using the “Restrict” feature is another way to manage who can see your followers on Instagram. It’s for limiting comments from certain users. These restricted users can’t see your follower list, but they can view your posts and profile.

Remember, there’s no straightforward way to hide your followers without going private on Instagram. Yet, with blocking and restricting features, you have some control over who can see your followers. This way, you can manage your audience without closing off your whole profile.

How to Remove Followers on Instagram

Even with a private Instagram, some may already follow you. You might want to remove them from your followers. This move cuts their access to your private content. They can see your account but not your posts.

Searching for Followers to Remove

First, go to your Instagram settings to find your followers. Look through the list and find the ones you’d like to remove.

Confirming Removal

Click “Remove” next to their name to kick them off your followers’ list. They won’t see your posts but can still find your public profile. Unlike blocking, a removed follower can still see your public posts.

By removing certain followers, you’ll keep your Instagram more private. Only the followers you choose will see your posts. This gives you more control over who sees your content.


How can I hide my followers on Instagram without making my account private?

It’s not possible to hide your followers on Instagram without going private. You can either block certain users or limit access to your profile to control who sees your list.

Can I remove followers from my Instagram account?

You are able to remove followers on Instagram. To do so, find the follower you want to remove. Then, you just need to confirm the removal. Be aware, this action lowers their access to your profile.

How can I restrict access to my Instagram follower list?

With a private account, you can prevent others from viewing your list by blocking them. This method ensures that restricted accounts can’t see who you follow, though they can note your private status.

Is there a way to hide my Instagram followers without making my account private?

Unfortunately, hiding your followers without going private isn’t an option. Yet, by blocking or restricting certain accounts, you can manage who sees your follower list.

How do I control who sees my Instagram follower list?

Privacy settings are the way to go. Making your account private or blocking users are the best methods to keep your followers off-limits. There’s no way to hide followers while being public on Instagram.