When Instagram started back in 2010, it started off more like a visual platform where people could share some greatest moments of their lives with their followers through aesthetically-pleasing videos or pictures.

However, it now became a website where users can earn money. 

As of 2022, Instagram is the 2nd most-downloaded application available globally, and it’s also the 4th most-utilized social media platform with an enormous 1.3 million everyday active users globally.

Contemplating such unbelievable stats, there is no doubt that this site can be awesome for people to earn cash. Moreover, fifty percent of users use Instagram to locate a brand to spend their cash on. The great thing about this site is that you can make money in ways that best match your interests.

Can You Earn Money On Instagram? 

Yes, you can surely make money on Instagram. As long as your service can be revealed creatively and aesthetically for advertising functions, you can tap into millions of users of Instagram. Now you may believe: right, I get that it is possible, but how exactly can I make money on Instagram?

How Many Instagram Followers Do You Need to Start Earning Money?

If by now you are questioning the number of fans you require to start making real money, the short response is that there are not as many as you actually think. The long answer relies upon the different aspects that differ from What particular niche you are in and how simply you can connect it directly to the product classification (food, style, physical fitness, and beauty are popular niches, based on the leading Instagram hashtags).

How engaged are the fans (a hundred thousand fake fans would not total up to much)? 

Which of the income channels do you discover? 

Naturally, it is better to have more engaged followers. Have a glance at how to Buy Premium Instagram Followers.

While top Instagrammers make thousands of dollars, even people with small-but-engaged 1,000 followings have the potential to begin earning money. Now, let’s look into how to make money on Instagram with 500 followers.

Ways Of Making Money On Instagram With 500 Followers:

Before we start the points, know and comprehend that any social media let alone an Instagram profile, isn’t gonna make the dollars overnight. You need to be consistent in doing business on Instagram. The 500 fans on Instagram will earn you cash, but you need to be patient. That is how you grow the organic audience.

· Go Vocal For Local: 

As you may have heard line nowadays, but it is not just a line; it is the Magic Mantra. Being a novice, you need to look around for methods you can increase engagement. There is no better place than home to start collaborating. Not getting it? 

If you’re starting on Instagram, then search for stores and people that are prepared to collaborate with you. It’ll provide you with an idea of the potential market in the region, and it’ll give you knowledge in collaboration. 

Now you’ll be: promoting small businesses, getting popular in the city, and making money from it. Don’t miss it at any chance because you’ll certainly gain fans by it, and the audience will be organic. All of it is awesome for earning cash on Instagram with 500 followers. 

· Sponsored Posts:

It’s one of the most well-liked methods of making cash on Instagram with 500 followers. Almost every influencer makes use of this method for monetizing their business account. As per one social toaster, eighty-two percent of the people are taking the assistance of their friends to make a decision on buying something from Instagram.

Here the genuine audience comes to play. A lot of brand partners tie up with influencers to spread the word about their services and products to the audience. Now businesses are checking the amount of trust their followers have and your content’s engagement rate. When you have fewer fans count, you need to reach the brands and offer a great deal.

· Become The Brand Ambassador:

We already know that businesses need influencers who can advertise their services and products. There are two easy methods, i.e., the brand will pay you for each promoting post when a brand desires you to post, and the other is you need to become the brand ambassador of the business and begin promoting their goods. For the brand ambassadors, the business will pay the regular basic salary, or they can also sign a contract.

· Provide Social Media Services:

Providing social media services denotes you have to manage somebody’s social media platforms. You need to take Instagram pictures and reply to the DMS and comments. Numerous companies nowadays have social media accounts, but they do not have enough time to spend on such platforms.

That’s why they employ social media managers and help them grow engagement rates for their accounts. You have to know the diverse ways of increasing popularity and what type of posts work great for their specific niche. You need to consistently post about the brand’s products and services on the Instagram handle.

· Compose Captions For Company:

We know, today, all the big companies like Armani and Zara employ social media marketing experts to make complete use of and promote their products on social media with product details and catchy captions. 

Now that small company also has access to the market on Instagram; they’re looking for freelance caption makers to cut their expenses. If you feel you’re decent at this job, you can contact these businesses and get paid for the work.

· Create Instagram Filters:

Instagram copied the story and filtered feature from Snapchat in 2016, but no one knew then that it’d be of great use to the brands that promote their services and goods on Instagram. A lot of brands have employed in-house professionals that create filters for the brands that promote their goods, while a few work together with the masterminds for the P.R. filter for their goods. If you know the art of creating filters, then it’d be an awesome opportunity for you to make money.

· Online Stores:

Well, if you think you don’t have enough cash to purchase a website for providing online goods, then you can make use of the Instagram account for that reason. All you need to do is covert the account into the business account and begin posting the item on the account that you desire to sell. If anyone is interested, they can contact you.


These were the top methods of making money on Instagram with 500 followers. There’ll be a great increase in the reach and engagement if you even do all of such for a month or so. So, do so right now! If you are interested in increasing your Instagram followers, then you can get premium Instagram followers here. Have a nice day!