How to Make Your Own Sound on TikTok

If you want to add your own unique sounds to your TikTok videos, the easiest way to do it is by recording a TikTok video. When you record a TikTok, any sound that is picked up during the recording, whether it’s your voice or an instrument, will automatically be made into a new sound when you publish your TikTok

Creating a new sound on TikTok is as simple as recording a video. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the TikTok app and tap on the ‘+’ icon to start creating a new video.
  2. Choose the appropriate recording mode, whether it’s a regular video, a slow-motion video, or any other creative mode.
  3. Before you start recording, make sure you have any instruments or other sounds ready. If you’re planning to use your voice, ensure that the audio settings are working.
  4. Hit the record button and start capturing your video. Be sure to allow any sounds or music to be picked up by the microphone.
  5. Once you’re done recording, you can add a voiceover during the editing process. This will allow you to narrate or add additional audio to your TikTok.
  6. Additionally, you can apply voice effects to enhance your sound. TikTok offers a variety of voice effects that can make your sound unique and stand out.
  7. After editing your video and adding any desired voiceovers or effects, you can publish your TikTok and your new sound will be shared with the TikTok community.

By following these simple steps, you can easily create your own sounds on TikTok and add a personal touch to your videos. Whether it’s your voice, an instrument, or any other sound, the possibilities are endless! So start exploring and get creative with your TikTok sounds today.

How to Save and Use Your Sound on TikTok

Once you have created a sound on TikTok, it’s essential to save and use it effectively. After publishing your TikTok video, you can access your sound by tapping the spinning record icon on your profile. From there, you can edit the sound name to make it more memorable and easily searchable. You can also add the sound to your favorites for easy access in future videos. Follow these steps to save and use your sound on TikTok:

  1. After publishing your TikTok video, open the app and access your profile by tapping on the “Profile” icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  2. In your profile, find the spinning record icon and tap on it to view the sounds you have created.
  3. Locate the sound you want to save and use. You can search for it by its name or scroll through your collection.
  4. To edit the sound name, tap on the sound and select “Edit Sound”. Enter a catchy and relevant name that will make it easier for others to find.
  5. If you wish to add the sound to your favorites, tap on the star icon next to the sound. This will save it to your favorites tab for quick access in future videos.
  6. Once you have saved the sound and edited its name, you can use it in your TikTok videos by selecting it from the sound library during the recording process.

Remember to choose a memorable sound name and add your favorite sounds to ensure a seamless and enjoyable content creation experience.


Remember, the key to standing out is to add your own unique twist to your TikTok sounds. Whether it’s a catchy voiceover, a creative remix, or an original composition, infusing your personal touch will increase the chances of your sound becoming popular.

So why wait? Start unleashing your creativity and create your own TikTok sounds today. Who knows, your next sound could be the next big viral sensation that everyone is talking about. Get ready to make waves on TikTok and share your unique sound with the world!