Spotify is the leading music streaming service that allows you to access millions of tracks, podcasts, and videos from artists across the globe. When you connect Spotify to your Alexa, you can listen to tracks and playlists only through voice commands. You can also use Spotify as your default streaming service and request Alexa to stream your favorite playlist.

You can stream your desired track through the speakers if you have an Alexa device at home and a Spotify premium. 

When you first move into Alexa’s music list, you will not see Spotify. Alexa speakers such as Echo Show and Amazon echo by default turn to Amazon music to handle your requests, but you can link Spotify to Alexa and make it your default service. So you have to add Spotify and then make Spotify your default music player.

Here I will let you know how to connect the two together and set Spotify for all your default tracks. I will let you know the detailed guide about how to do that. 

Quick Guide to Connect Spotify to Alexa

Before connecting, you have to establish Spotify and Amazon accounts, as well as Alexa-equipped speakers such as echo studio, echo dot. You can use Spotify free or premium with Alexa, but only premium ownership can listen without Ads or play any track on demand. Whereas free account holders can only shuffle playlists or mix based on music, album, or artist. Now link Spotify to Alexa.

· Launch the Alexa app on your android or iOS.

· Click on the More option from the menu.

· Choose Settings

· Move ahead and tap on Music Podcasts under Alexa preferences.

· If you don’t see Spotify in a list, tap on Link new service and follow instructions, including signing in to your Spotify account. 

· Choose Spotify, followed by Link account to Alexa.

· Now choose Enable to use Alexa & and sign in to your Spotify account to play songs. 

Note: Spotify is only supported on such devices that use the Alexa virtual assistant; Amazon echo spot, echo dot, echo spot, Amazon tap, fire TV cube, Facebook portal/portal+, and all Sonos players.

Set Up Spotify as Default Service with Alexa

If you want to set up Spotify as your default service, so you don’t have to add the phrase “On Spotify” to your commands. By setting Spotify as your default music service, you have full Access to your adapted content & request for songs; the artist will source from Spotify. You can make Spotify the default music service by:

· Go to the Alexa App and click on the More tab. 

· Then, tap on Settings and choose Music & Podcasts.

· Click on Default Services and then click on Change next to the existing default music player, then choose Spotify on both Music & Artist to make it your preferred music platform & tap on done

Note: this way will not work for podcasts, so you need to indicate that you want specific podcasts to be played through Spotify in voice commands. 

Command Alexa to Play Spotify Tracks…!!

When you set Spotify as your default player, artist, playlist, and albums request will source from Spotify rather than other music streaming apps. Here are some of the requests you can say to Alexa:

· Hey Alexa, Play {Title/Album/Artist}. You don’t have to say from Spotify if you have already set Spotify as your default player. 

· Stop Playing Alexa

· Pause music, Alexa.

· Alexa volume high/ low.

· Alexa “Shuffle, or stop Shuffle.

· Alexa, play the Top songs of this month.

However, voice commands are not the most suitable option. If Alexa doesn’t detect a command or song, simply start playback in the Spotify mobile or desktop apps and tap on the Spotify Connect button; if it still doesn’t work, try to restart Alexa. 

Is it Possible to Stream Spotify on Amazon Echo via Bluetooth?

If you wish to play a few tracks on your friend’s Amazon Echo, you can link your phone to Amazon echo via Bluetooth and start playing your preferred Spotify playlists. However, you can check your Amazon Echo devices from the Alexa mobile and web and link it to any phone by using Bluetooth.

Alexa Mobile Apps

· Launch Alexa and move to the Devices tab.

· Choose your Echo device.

· Click on “Connect a device.”

· Allow Bluetooth on your phone & link it to Amazon echo.

· Now, open your Spotify and start playing your favorite track and podcast. 

Alexa Web

You can link any phone to your echo using the web version.

· Launch Alexa settings on the web.

· Under the device tab, choose your amazon echo.

· Tap on Bluetooth & choose “Pair a new device.”

· Now, link your phone to Amazon Echo via Bluetooth. 

Moreover, by using the same method, you can play Youtube music on your Amazon echo. 

How to Disconnect Spotify From Alexa?

You can easily dislink your Spotify account from Alexa either through the Alexa app or on the Spotify website.

· Go to the Alexa app and click on More

· Choose “Settings.”

· Click on Music & Podcasts.

· The music & podcasts page records all the services currently linked to your Alexa (and allows you to connect new services as well). Choose Spotify in the list and confirm it. 

· Now tap on Disable Skill on the Spotify page and verify it.

On the Spotify Website:

· Open the Spotify site and sign in to your Account.

· Tap on Profile in the top-right corner and then choose Account.

· Now, tap on apps and choose Alexa in the list of apps with Access f your Spotify account, and then tap Remove Access and confirm it. 

Wrapping Up

The collaboration and integration of Alexa and Spotify are the best. You can able to listen to your desired songs without lifting a finger. Amazon Alexa can help you complete various tasks, from turning on/off smart lights to playing music. It’s super convenient to use Spotify on Alexa to listen to your favorite tracks, albums, or podcasts. If you have already connected your Spotify account with the Amazon Echo, then simply command Alexa whatever you want to play. You can also set your alarm with Alexa, which is quite beneficial. 

Connecting Spotify to Alexa for playing tracks would be difficult if you have never used Spotify on Echo. But by reading the blog, you will understand every single detail to connect Spotify to Alexa. Now, go try Alexa to stream your favorite playlist or help you explore something different.