Instagram has become a top choice for sharing visual stories with its 1 billion monthly users. It’s the fourth largest social media site in the world. Instagram updates frequently with new features, making it a lively platform. This is great for users to present their stories. One highlight is the feature for posting videos. This can really grab your viewers’ interest and help you connect with them better.

You can post videos on Instagram in several ways. You can add them to your page, put them in your story, or send them directly. It doesn’t matter if it’s a video from your phone or one you made using Instagram, it’s easy to post. Instagram lets you do a lot with your videos. You can add words, tags, and edit them to look just right. This helps you make your video content more interesting for your followers.

If you want to post videos from your computer, that’s possible too. You can upload them directly on the Instagram website. Or, by adjusting your browser settings, you can make Instagram think you’re using a phone. This is good news for those who edit videos on a computer. The Instagram Creator Studio is another option for managing and posting your videos. It’s a tool you can use on your computer. It works for all kinds of Instagram videos, including Reels.

How to Post a Video on Instagram Feed

Sharing videos on Instagram is a smart move to keep your audience interested and showcase your work. It doesn’t matter if you’re new or have been using Instagram for a while, there are many ways to post videos on your feed.

Uploading Videos via the Instagram Website

The main way to share your videos is through the Instagram app on your phone. But, you can also do it from your computer. Just visit the Instagram website to drop your video in or choose it from your files. This makes it easy to post videos without needing your phone.

Changing Your Browser User-Agent

Want to post videos from your computer onto Instagram? You can make your browser act like it’s on a phone. This lets you do everything you can do on a mobile device, including uploading videos. Adjust your browser, and you’re all set to share video content without any computer limits.

How to Upload Videos to Instagram Stories

Instagram’s Stories is a fun way to reach people beyond the feed. It lets you share videos in a casual, temporary way. Whether you’re filming something new or sharing an old clip, adding videos to Stories is simple. Here’s what to do.

To share a video, open Instagram and swipe right to use the camera. Start a new video by holding the record button or pick an old one by swiping up. After picking, hit ‘Send To’ at the bottom to publish it on your Story.

If you want to add videos from your computer, there’s a way. You can make your browser look like a mobile. This lets you share from your computer. Or, try Instagram Creator Studio. It’s a tool for managing Instagram from your computer.

Making Stories is a cool way to connect with friends and fans. It shows what your brand is about. And it can help you get your content seen more.

How To Post A Video On Instagram

Posting videos on Instagram is key to the platform’s content power. Whether you’re an expert or new, knowing how to post videos on Instagram is vital. It lets you connect more with your followers and show off your work. We’ll go through the steps of sharing a video on Instagram.

To start, you can share videos on your main feed. This is for videos that can be a bit longer. Just tap the “+” at the center bottom of your screen. Choose a video from your albums, or make a new one in the app. You can then edit the clip, put in captions, locations, and tags. After that, share it with your followers.

Besides the main feed, there are Reels and Stories on Instagram. These are great ways to stay connected. Posting on your story is quick. Just swipe right in the app, pick a video, and share it with “Send To.” If you prefer using a computer, you can upload videos with Instagram Creator Studio. This option is great for managing your content easier.


What are the main ways to post videos on Instagram?

  • Posting to your feed lets all your followers see your video.
  • Posting to your story shares your video for 24 hours.
  • You can also send a video directly to someone.

How do I post a video to my Instagram feed?

  • First, pick a video either from your phone or record a new one.
  • Then, make it better with editing, captions, and tags.
  • Finally, press “Share” to upload it.

Can I upload videos to my Instagram feed from my computer?

Yes, you’re able to upload videos from your computer. Do this by:

  1. Dragging your video on the Instagram website’s upload section.
  2. Making your computer act like a phone to upload videos.

How do I post a video to my Instagram story?

Open the Instagram app and go to the camera. Record a new video or pick one from your phone. Choose “Send To” at the bottom to add it to your story.

Can I upload videos to my Instagram story from my computer?

Yes, it’s possible by making your computer look like a phone. This gives you access to all Instagram features, including posting stories.

How can I use Instagram Creator Studio to upload videos?

Instagram Creator Studio works on a computer and allows uploading different video types. You need a professional Instagram account to use it.