For over a decade, Instagram has been a top social platform. But, people like bloggers and businesses found it hard to link back to their sites. They could only post a single link in their bios, which felt clunky.

Then, Instagram Stories came along and changed the game.

Understanding the Instagram Link Sticker

What is the Instagram Link Sticker?

The Instagram link sticker is a new feature. It allows users to add an external link to their Instagram Stories. It’s the best way to drive traffic to other online content and products on Instagram.

Advantages of the Instagram Link Sticker

Instagram claims the sticker is better than the swipe-up. It gives more creative control over Story designs. Also, viewers can now react and reply to Stories with link stickers. This was not possible with the old swipe-up. Finally, link stickers are customizable to suit a brand’s aesthetic.

Retiring the Swipe-Up Feature

In August 2021, Instagram got rid of the swipe-up feature for Stories. Now, any user can add an external link to their Story using the link sticker. Before, only users with 10,000+ followers or a verified account could use the swipe-up. This means you don’t need a lot of followers or a special account to share a clickable link in your story.

How to Post Links on Instagram Stories

Instagram now lets you easily share clickable links with your followers using the Instagram link sticker. This is a change from the earlier swipe-up feature. Now, everyone can add links to their stories, no matter how many followers they have.

Accessing the Link Sticker

To get to the link sticker, open Instagram and start a new Story. Look for the sticker icon at the top of the screen. When you tap it, you’ll find the link sticker along with other stickers. You can make the link sticker unique and put it anywhere on your Story.

Adding and Customizing the Link

When you tap the link sticker, you can enter the URL you want people to see. You can make it look however you like by changing the text, color, or adding an image. This lets you show the link in a way that grabs your follower’s attention.

Placing the Sticker on Your Story

After you’ve added and personalized the link, you can place it in your Instagram Story. Ask your followers to tap the sticker. This way, they can go to the page you’ve linked, such as a website or a product. It’s a great way to attract more viewers to the content you want to promote.

Using the Instagram link sticker is a smart move for making your content more clickable. It helps you update your Instagram with the latest links. This way, you can direct your followers to new content and products more easily.

How To Post Link On Instagram Story

Adding a link to your Instagram Story can boost visitors to your website or blog. It’s easy to do. First, access the link sticker by tapping the “Sticker” icon. It’s at the top when you’re making your story.

Then, choose the “Link” sticker. Paste the URL you wish to share. You can make the sticker look like your brand. Change its color, size, and position in your Story settings. Being able to do this is new and cool compared to the swipe-up feature.

When someone taps the link sticker, they go straight to your content. It helps get more people to visit your site from Instagram. Remember, you can only include one link in each Story. So, think about what link will do the most good for you.


What is the Instagram Link Sticker?

The Instagram Link Sticker lets you add a link to your Instagram Stories. It’s a new way to share links. You can now do more and make your Stories unique.

What are the advantages of the Instagram Link Sticker?

Instagram says the Link Sticker is better in three ways than the swipe-up feature:

  1. It’s more customizable, letting you change the sticker’s look and where it’s placed.
  2. Now, everyone can use it. Before, only big accounts could.
  3. It tells you who’s click on the link, so you see what’s popular.

How do I add a link to my Instagram Story?

Follow these steps to put a link in your Story:

  1. Make your Story like you usually do.
  2. Click on the “Sticker” icon.
  3. Choose the “Link” sticker.
  4. Put in the URL of the link you want to share.
  5. Decorate the sticker the way you like and place it in your Story.
  6. Then, share your Story and see the clicks come in.

Can I add multiple links to my Instagram Stories?

Yes, you can have lots of link stickers in one Story. This means you can link to many different pages or products at once.

How do I track the performance of my Instagram Story links?

You can keep an eye on how your Story links are doing. Just look at your insights on Instagram. Go to your profile, tap “Insights”, and check out the “Content Interactions” option.