Instagram has a new feature called “Collab”. It lets users make posts and reels together. This feature was tested in places like the UK and India. Now, it’s available everywhere since October 2021.

With Collab, two users can both share likes, views, and comments on a post. The post shows up for everyone who helped make it. This way, the post reaches more people.

Creating a Collab post is easy once you learn how. It helps avoid making the same content twice. Plus, it’s a great way to connect with others through a shared post. Now, let’s look at how to use this feature step by step.

Understanding Instagram’s Collab Feature

What is a Collab Post on Instagram?

The Instagram Collab feature lets two users work together on a post. This post will show up on both of their profiles. Each user’s name is shown at the top.

To use it, one user starts a post and then invites the other via the “Invite Collaborator” option. They both then have the post linked to their follower bases. They also both see the likes, shares, and comments it gets.

Introduced in June 2021, users can now collaborate in groups of up to four. Sharing a post like this saves time. Instead of each person posting separately, they do it once together.

This can help introduce products or services to new customers. After all, 90% of Instagram users follow at least one brand. This makes Instagram a good place to find new fans.

When two users team up, they share the likes, views, and comments their post gets. This type of sharing is growing in popularity among personal users, creators, and influencers. They often work together with brands.

With an Instagram Collab, a brand can boost its online image. It can reach more people through collaborations with influencers. After all, 49% of consumers trust influencer recommendations. This fact highlights the power of influencer marketing.

Collabs are started by sending a direct message (DM) to the invited user. They can then decide whether to accept or reject the collaboration in their DMs. Currently, Collabs work with only one collaborator.

But, brands find them useful for reaching more people. By reaching another user’s followers through a Collab post, they hope for more engagement. This can mean more likes, comments, saves, and shares on the shared post.

Benefits of Using Instagram Collab Posts

Using Instagram’s Collab feature can be great for brands and content makers. It lets businesses work with influencers or other brands to reach new people. This drives up discoverability. The Collab tool lets partners see how their posts do without waiting for reports.

For creators, Collab makes it easy to recommend products and work together. It avoids the issue of competing posts since all partners’ followers see the post. This way, two accounts can get more people to see their posts or reels.

Here are key wins of working on Instagram Collab posts:

  • Increased Reach: Team up with another account to show your content to new people. This will get you more visibility and followers.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Collab posts get more likes, comments, and shares than regular posts.
  • Improved Brand Credibility: Joining with well-known influencers or brands can build more authority and trust for your brand.
  • Simplified Content Creation: Working together on posts can make creating easy, especially with ambassadors or creators.
  • Stronger Community Building: Collab posts build collaboration and a community vibe around your brand or product.

Using Instagram Collab helps brands and makers in many ways. It improves engagement, reach, and credibility on the platform.

How to Post With Someone on Instagram

Working with other creators can help you get seen by more people on Instagram. Using the Collab feature, you can make posts together. This lets the post show up on both accounts. Here’s how you do it.

Creating a Joint Post

To make a group post on Instagram, just go through these steps:

  1. Create Your Content: Post something new like you usually do. Add a caption, tags, and make sure it’s good to go.
  2. Invite a Collaborator: Click on “Tag people” and then “Invite Collaborator.” Find the account you want to work with. When they join, the post appears on both your profiles.
  3. Publish the Joint Post: You’ll both be named in the post. It’s shared on both accounts. Both get to see how it does in likes and comments.

Your partner can have a closed or open account. But if their account is closed, only their followers see the post. If you invite an open account, then everyone can see the post.

Making posts with others can get your content to more people. By joining forces, you can make posts that more people like and want to share. This helps you connect with a bigger crowd.

Tips for Effective Instagram Collabs

For a successful Instagram Collab, pick partners whose followers match your preferred fans. This makes sure both of you gain from the partnership by reaching new, interested people.

It’s wise to know your partner well before working together. This makes creating content together smooth and more successful. Consider using Collab for things like giveaways, teaming up with influencers, highlighting user content, or launching joint marketing.

Remember, only one partner can be tagged per Collab post. But, the points, likes, and comments are shared. So, choose your partners wisely to boost your reach, likes, and maybe gain more followers.


What is a Collab Post on Instagram?

Instagram’s Collab feature allows two users to work together. They create a joint post or Reel. This content shows up on both profiles. It includes both users’ usernames at the top.

How do I create a joint post on Instagram using the Collab feature?

Begin by making a regular post or Reel like you usually do. Then, when you’re done editing, select the “Tag people” option. Choose “Invite Collaborator” and find the account you want to work with. After they accept, the post will show on both of your profiles, with your names at the top.

What are the benefits of using Instagram’s Collab feature?

There are many advantages to using the Collab tool. It lets businesses reach new people through others’ followers. They can see performance stats directly. For creators, it’s easier to recommend products. They can also work together without worrying about competing. The Collab feature makes both parties’ posts more engaging.

What tips should I keep in mind when using the Instagram Collab feature?

For the best outcomes with the Collab feature, pick partners whose followers might like your content too. It’s key to already know your partner. This makes working together smoothly. This tool is useful for various content, like giveaways. Choosing the right collaborators and types of content can really boost your Instagram posts.