Instagram is now part of many people’s lives, with over two hours spent on it each day. But, you might want to remove your account at some point. This could be for a rebrand, to keep kids safe, or because you have too many accounts. The way to do this changes based on your device and what you want to achieve.

If you want to take away your Instagram account forever, you have to do it online. Log in and go to your privacy settings to ask for deletion. After you do this, Instagram gives a 30-day waiting time. If you log back in during this time, your account won’t get deleted. Remember, once deleted, all your photos, likes, comments, and followers are gone forever.

Deleting on a computer can be easy. You can click a special link or find it through your profile settings. Both ways lead to a 30-day waiting period. For phones, it’s a bit different. You need to request deletion through your account settings. This will start a 30-day period where your account is hidden. After this time, you can choose to start using it again if you change your mind.

Understanding the Process of Removing an Instagram Account

When managing your Instagram, you can either deactivate or delete your account. It’s key to know the differences to pick what’s best for you.

Deactivation vs. Deletion: What’s the Difference?

Deactivating your account is a temporary hide. People won’t see your posts and profile. It’s easy to undo within 30 days by just logging in. However, deleting your account is serious. It erases everything for good, including followers and posts.

Reasons for Removing an Instagram Account

People might delete their account due to privacy worries or for a social media break. For a break, deactivation is often chosen. For a goodbye, deletion is used. Companies might delete their account if they have little engagement or if it doesn’t help their brand.

How to Remove an Account from Instagram

Removing an Account from the Instagram App

Removing an Instagram account is easy on your phone. First, go to your Profile, then to Settings and Privacy. Open the Accounts Center and choose Personal Details. Under “Account ownership and control,” pick “Deactivation or deletion.” Then choose the account to remove and decide if you want to deactivate or delete it.

Removing an Account from a Desktop Browser

Managing Instagram on a desktop is similar. Log in and go to the More menu. Then click through Settings > Accounts Center > Personal Details > Account Ownership and Control. Here, select “Deactivation or deletion” for the account you want to delete.

If you deactivate an account, it’s hidden for a while. Deleting wipes out your posts, followers, and profile for good. Think carefully before deactivating or deleting. Their effects are very different.

Consequences of Removing an Instagram Account

When you remove an Instagram account, there are important things to know. By deactivating it, the account will be hidden but not lost. This means your photos, videos, and posts can be seen again when you reactivate.

But if you delete your account, everything goes away for good. So, to keep your memories safe, consider making a backup. Instagram lets you download everything from your account, like photos and videos.

Data Loss and Backup Options

Deleting an Instagram account means saying goodbye to your profile and its contents forever. To avoid losing everything, use Instagram’s backup option before you delete.

Backups are a smart way to keep your special Instagram moments or business materials safe. This way, you won’t lose things that matter, even if you decide to fully delete your account. This can make any transition easier.


How do I permanently delete my Instagram account?

To permanently delete Instagram, log in and go to your privacy settings. Then, submit a removal request. Instagram will set a 30-day period before final deletion. If you log in during this time, the process stops.

What are the two ways to delete Instagram on a computer?

On a computer, you can delete Instagram via a direct link or from your profile settings. Both ways include a 30-day wait before complete deletion.

How do I deactivate my Instagram account on a mobile device?

On mobile, go to your profile and choose “settings.” Then pick “Account Center” and “deactivate.” This step hides your account for 30 days. You can undo this by logging back in.

What is the difference between deactivating and deleting an Instagram account?

Deactivating hides everything on Instagram for 30 days. It can be turned back on by logging in. Deleting is permanent and erases all your info and posts from the site.

How do I remove an account from Instagram using the mobile app?

On the app, tap your profile, then “Settings & Privacy,” and go to the Account Center. Choose “Account ownership and control” and then “Deactivation or deletion” to remove an account.

How do I remove an account from Instagram on a desktop?

For desktop, log in, then click More > Settings > Accounts Center > Personal Details > Account Ownership and Control. Choose “Deactivation or deletion” to handle accounts.

What should I consider when removing an Instagram account?

Think ahead when removing Instagram. Deactivating keeps your stuff but hides it. Deleting is final and wipes your account clean. Make sure to save any content you want to keep before you delete.