Have you ever counted how many times you like posts as you scroll through Instagram? Millions of likes happen every day on this platform. Not everyone is aware that they can find their liked posts easily. Here, we’ll guide you on finding them. Also, we’ll show you how to keep photos and videos you enjoy on your account.

Understanding Instagram Likes and Their Significance

Likes on Instagram are very important. They show love and support. Everyone looks at how many likes they get. It makes a strong bond between the person sharing and those liking. This connection is based on admiration and participation.

Likes as a Driving Force on Instagram

Instagram uses likes to show what people like most. The more you like something, the more you see similar stuff. So, your feed is full of what you enjoy. Likes help the app know what to show you.

The Role of Likes in Shaping Your Instagram Feed

Your likes change what you see on Instagram. The app learns from what you like. Then, it shows you more of that. This way, the things you love are always on your feed.

Step-by-Step Guide: Finding Your Liked Posts on Instagram

Instagram is an exciting place, full of beautiful and interesting content. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep up with everything you’ve liked. Luckily, there’s a special spot on Instagram where you can find all your liked posts.

Accessing the Liked Posts Section

Want to look at your liked posts on Instagram? Begin by tapping your profile icon at the bottom right. Then, hit the three-line menu at the top right and pick “Your activity.” You’ll see a page where you can click “Likes” to see all the Instagram posts you’ve liked.

Sorting and Filtering Options

After opening the liked posts section, check out the sorting and filtering options. You can arrange your liked posts by when you liked them, who posted, or the type of content. This way, you can quickly find the photos and videos you love on Instagram.

Removing Likes from Posts

If a post doesn’t catch your interest anymore or affects your Instagram experience, you can undo your like. Go to the post and undo your like by tapping the heart icon again. This is great for organizing your Instagram feed and preferences

How To See Liked Post On Instagram

When you’re on Instagram, you like posts by tapping your screen, totaling a million likes daily. These likes matter a lot, showing what you appreciate and guiding the posts you see. But did you know you can check the posts you’ve liked?

Finding your liked posts is useful for revisiting favorites. Sadly, this is only doable on the Instagram app, not on its website. To get to your liked posts, go to your profile, click the three-line menu on the top right, choose “Your activity,” then “Likes.”

Inside the Likes section, all your liked posts are there. You can sort them by various ways, making it easy to find anything. Also, these likes are only seen by you. You’re free to relive any moments hidden in your list of liked posts.


Where are the liked posts saved in your Instagram account?

Liked posts have a special place in your Instagram. They’re only for your eyes.

Can you save photos and videos you like on Instagram?

Yes, Instagram lets you keep the photos and videos you enjoy.

How do likes impact your Instagram feed?

Liking posts from certain accounts means you’ll see more of their content in your feed.

Can anyone else see the posts you’ve liked on Instagram?

No, your liked posts are just for you. They’re not shared.

How can you find and view the posts you’ve liked on Instagram?

To find liked posts, go to your profile. Tap the three lines, then “Your activity” and eventually “Likes.” You’ll see them there.

Can you unlike posts on Instagram?

Yes, you can unlike posts if you wish to stop seeing related ads. Just revisit the post and tap unlike.

Can you view your liked posts on the Instagram website?

No, the ability to see liked posts is just on the mobile app. The website doesn’t have this feature.