Before, it was tricky to share Facebook posts on Instagram. But now, Facebook has made it easier. They’ve added a feature that lets you cross-post.

This method works for some Facebook business pages. Not all of them have the option yet. In this blog, we’ll show you how to do it. We’ll also cover a few different ways to share Facebook posts on Instagram using other apps. Let’s learn how to share from Facebook to Instagram.

Benefits of Cross-Posting from Facebook to Instagram

Cross-posting from Facebook to Instagram saves a lot of time and work. It means businesses stay active on both platforms without doubling the effort. This is especially great for anyone who posts a lot on social media. You can share photos directly from your computer, avoiding the limits of using just your phone.

Time and Effort Saving

By cross-posting, businesses make managing social media easier and faster. They don’t have to create two posts for Facebook and Instagram separately. This way, one post can go to both. It’s a big help for marketing teams and any business with several accounts on Instagram and Facebook.

How to Share a Facebook Post to Instagram

To easily share from Facebook to Instagram, you must link them. Just follow a few simple steps to set this up.

Link Your Instagram Account with Your Facebook Page

First, go to your Facebook page’s settings. Look for “Link Accounts” and click it. You’ll link your Facebook page to your Instagram this way.

Publish to Facebook and Instagram Simultaneously

Now, create a new post on Facebook. While making the post, you can choose to share it on Instagram too. This way, it goes live on both platforms at once.

Share Individual Facebook Posts to Instagram

To share some Facebook posts on Instagram only, here’s what to do. Create the post on Facebook as usual. Then, choose to share it on Instagram by selecting the Instagram icon. You can pick which posts to also share on Instagram, either from a computer or your phone.

After following these steps, hit publish. Your post will then show up on your Facebook and Instagram feeds together. This helps you easily share content on these popular social media sites.

Considerations for Cross-Posting

Cross-posting from Facebook to Instagram saves time. But, remember some key points. You can only use it with Facebook business pages. It’s not for personal profiles.

Availability for Business Pages Only

This feature is for Facebook business pages, not personal ones. It helps businesses keep their social media updates in sync. But, it’s not an option for people who just use Facebook for fun.

Limitations on Post Types

Not all Facebook posts can be shared to Instagram. Right now, only single image posts can be shared. This is important if your strategy includes things like carousels or Stories. You might need to post these directly on Instagram.

Disabling Two-Factor Authentication on Instagram

For cross-posting to work, you must turn off Instagram’s two-factor authentication. This extra layer of security stops this feature from working. Turning it off opens your account to some risks. Think about this carefully.


What is the primary benefit of cross-posting from Facebook to Instagram?

The main benefit is saving time and effort. This is especially useful for businesses. They keep an active presence on both platforms easily.

How do I connect my Facebook page to my Instagram account for cross-posting?

Go to your Facebook page settings to connect to Instagram. Look for the “Linked accounts” section. After clicking this, your accounts will be linked.

How do I publish a post simultaneously to Facebook and Instagram using the cross-posting feature?

Start from the “Create Post” option on Facebook. You can select Instagram as well. Choose to share with Instagram. Then, post your content to be seen on both platforms.

Are there any limitations to the cross-posting feature from Facebook to Instagram?

There are some limits:

  • It works only for Facebook business pages.
  • You can’t use it for stories or multiple photos.
  • You must post immediately, not schedule.
  • Not all pages have access yet.

Do I need to disable two-factor authentication on my Instagram account to use the cross-posting feature?

Yes, turning off two-factor authentication is necessary.