Instagram is a big part of our online lives for many. But there might come a time when you need to stop using it. This could be for a short time or forever. This decision could be due to wanting a break, privacy worries, or the desire for a new start. It’s vital to know how to put your account on hold.

There are two ways to stop using your Instagram account for a while or forever. To stop using it for a while, go to your account settings in the app or on the browser. Then, head to the Accounts Center. Choose “Deactivation or deletion.” Pick your account to stop, enter your password, pick a reason, and finish. You can start using your account again by logging back in.

For a full stop, delete your account at the Delete Your Account page on Instagram. Give a reason, type in your password, and say goodbye. Your account isn’t gone instantly. It will take about 30 days to finish deleting.

Temporarily Deactivating Your Instagram Account

Want a break from Instagram or to step away for a bit? You can temporarily deactivate your account. By doing this, your Instagram account goes hidden. But don’t worry, it won’t delete your account or data forever.

Accessing Account Settings on the Instagram App

To start, open the Instagram app on your phone. Tap your profile picture at the bottom-right. Next, press the three-line menu at the top-right and go to “Settings and privacy”.

Navigating to Deactivation Options via Accounts Center

In the settings menu, find the “Accounts Center” and click “Personal details”. Then, look for “Deactivation or deletion” under the “Account ownership and control”. Here, you’ll be able to temporarily deactivate your Instagram account.

Selecting Reason and Confirming Deactivation

After choosing the account to deactivate, you’ll need to enter your password to verify it’s you. Next, pick a reason for deactivation. Then, confirm your choice by tapping “Deactivate account”. Your Instagram account will be hidden from others until you decide to reactivate it.

How To Suspend Instagram Account

You might want to take a break from Instagram. You can easily deactivate your account using a web browser. This method gives you control over when and how your account is accessible.

Deactivating Instagram Account on Browser

First, go to and sign in. After that, click on your profile picture and choose “Edit Profile”. Then, select “See more in Accounts Center” at the top. Click on “Personal details”, and then “Account ownership and control”.

You will see the option for “Deactivation or deletion” there. Choose deactivation for your account and press “Continue”. You will need to enter your password to confirm.

Logging Back In to Reactivate Account

After you deactivate, you can reactivate your account anytime. Log in at with your username and password. Remember, deactivation can take a few hours to complete.

Also, you have to wait a day before reactivating your account.

Deactivation FrequencyYou can only deactivate your Instagram account once a week.
Reactivation TimingYour Instagram account needs to be deactivated for at least a day before you can reactivate it.
Deactivation Process DurationIt usually takes a few hours for Instagram to finish the process of deactivating an account.
Archived Post VisibilityArchived posts from a deactivated account may still appear in Google searches for several weeks.
Permanent DeletionIf an Instagram account is deactivated for an extended period, it may be permanently deleted.

Permanently Deleting Your Instagram Account

Are you really done with using Instagram? If so, you can delete your account for good. Just go to the Instagram Delete Your Account page and sign in. Then, pick a reason why you want to delete your account. After that, enter your password to confirm.

After confirming, your account is set for permanent deletion in 30 days. You can change your mind during this period. Simply log in, and you can stop the deletion. But, after these 30 days, your account and everything in it is gone for good. To start again, you’ll need a whole new account.

If you delete your account, everything will go. This includes your profile, pictures, videos, comments, likes, and followers. Instagram fully removes everything within 30 days after you ask. The whole deletion process might take up to 90 days, though. If you’re thinking about it, you might first temporarily deactivate your account. This way, you can turn it back on at any time just by logging in again.


How can I temporarily deactivate my Instagram account?

You can pause your Instagram account for a while in two ways. Use the app or a web browser for this. On the app, tap your profile, then the menu. Next, choose “Settings and privacy”, and go to “Accounts Center”. Click on “Deactivation or deletion”. You’ll need to enter your password, pick a reason, and confirm.

On a browser, sign into your account and click “Edit Profile”. Then, go to “Accounts Center” and deactivate following the same process.

How do I reactivate a temporarily deactivated Instagram account?

To get your Instagram account back after deactivating it, log in with your username and password. This will reactivate your account. You can then use it just like before.

How can I permanently delete my Instagram account?

To delete your Instagram account forever, go to the Instagram Delete Your Account page and log in. Choose a reason from the dropdown menu and enter your password. Confirm you want to delete your account. Your account and all your data will be gone in 30 days.

If you decide to return, you have 30 days to log back in and undo the delete.