Why is my TikTok age restricted?

Age restriction on TikTok is implemented to protect younger users from accessing inappropriate content. By default, all TikTok accounts of individuals under 18 years old have age restrictions in place. However, if you’re 18 or over and still have account restrictions, there could be a few reasons for it.

  • Restricted Mode on TikTok: TikTok offers a feature called Restricted Mode, which allows users to limit the appearance of content that may not be suitable for all audiences. If you have restricted mode enabled, it may be preventing you from accessing certain features or viewing specific content.
  • Incomplete Age Verification: TikTok requires users to verify their age during the account setup process. If you haven’t completed the age verification procedure or if there were issues with the verification, your account may still have age restrictions.
  • Account Privacy Settings: Your TikTok account privacy settings can also affect the availability of certain features and content. If your account is set to private, it may limit your access to certain features until you adjust your privacy settings.

If you’re facing restrictions on your TikTok account even though you’re 18 or older, it’s recommended to review your account settings and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that age verification is complete, restricted mode is disabled if desired, and privacy settings are adjusted accordingly. By doing so, you can enjoy the unrestricted TikTok experience and access all the features and content available on the platform.

How to Turn Off Age Restriction on TikTok

If you’re over 18 and want to unlock the full TikTok experience, you can turn off the age restriction on TikTok. By doing so, you’ll be able to access all content on the platform without any restrictions. Here are the instruction to turn it off on TikTok:

1. Open the TikTok app on your device and log in to your TikTok account.

2. Tap on your profile icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

3. In your profile, tap the three horizontal dots on the top-right corner to open the settings menu.

4. Scroll down and tap on “Privacy and Safety.”

5. Under the “Safety” section, tap on “Privacy and Safety Controls.”

6. Look for the “Safety Mode” or “Restricted Mode” option and turn it off.

7. You may be asked to verify your age through a verification process.

8. Once the age restriction is turned off, you’ll have unrestricted access to all the content on TikTok.

What Can and Can’t Age-Restricted TikTok Accounts Do?

Age-restricted TikTok accounts have limited access to certain features and content on the platform. These restrictions are put in place to ensure a safer environment for younger users.

When your TikTok account is age-restricted, you may experience the following limitations:

Limited Access to Certain Features

Age-restricted TikTok accounts may not have access to all the features available on the platform. Some features that may be restricted include:

  • Livestreaming: Age-restricted accounts may not be able to go live on TikTok and interact with their followers in real-time.
  • Direct Messaging: Such accounts might have limited or no access to direct messaging functionality, preventing them from engaging in private conversations with other users.
  • Duet and Stitch: They may have limitations when it comes to creating duets and stitches with other TikTok videos.

Restricted Content Access

Age-restricted TikTok accounts may not be able to access certain types of content on the platform. This is done to protect younger users from potentially inappropriate or mature content. When your account has age restrictions, you might not be able to view or engage with the following:

  • Age-restricted videos: Certain videos on TikTok are marked as age-restricted and may not be visible or accessible to users with age restrictions on their account.
  • Content flagged as mature or explicit: TikTok may restrict access to content that is flagged as mature or explicit, ensuring age-appropriate content for younger users.

Restricted Mode

TikTok offers a restricted mode feature that allows users to further limit the content they see on the platform. Age-restricted accounts might have restricted mode enabled by default or have limited control over its settings. Restricted mode helps filter out potentially inappropriate content, creating a safer browsing experience.

Although age-restricted accounts have certain limitations, it’s important to remember that these measures are in place to protect users, especially younger individuals, from content that may not be suitable for their age group..

How to Contact TikTok Support for Age Restriction Issues

If you’re facing issues with age restriction on TikTok, such as being unable to turn it off or experiencing errors, you may need to reach out to TikTok’s customer support for assistance. Fortunately, contacting TikTok support is a straightforward process that can help you resolve your age restriction problems effectively.

Remember, when contacting TikTok support, it’s essential to provide them with detailed information about the problem you’re facing. This will enable them to understand your situation better and offer you the most appropriate assistance. Whether you need help changing your age on TikTok or resolving a specific age restriction error, don’t hesitate to get in touch with TikTok support.


Turning off age restrictions on TikTok is the key to enjoy unrestricted content and make the most of this popular social media platform. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can easily disable age restrictions on your TikTok account and access a wider range of engaging and entertaining content.

Remember, it’s important to ensure that you meet the minimum age requirements and have provided accurate information about your age on your TikTok account. If necessary, update your age to ensure compliance with the platform’s guidelines.

Once you disable age restrictions, you’ll be able to explore TikTok freely, discovering an incredible variety of videos, challenges, and trends. Join the thriving TikTok community, express your creativity, and have fun browsing through a plethora of captivating content.


How do I turn off age restriction on TikTok?

To turn off age restriction on TikTok, follow these steps: 1. Open the TikTok app on your device. 2. Tap on the profile icon located in the bottom right corner of the screen. 3. Tap on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner to open the menu. 4. Scroll down and tap on “Settings and privacy”. 5. Tap on “Privacy and safety”. 6. Scroll down and tap on “Restricted Mode”. 7. Toggle off the “Restricted Mode” switch. 8. Confirm your decision by entering your passcode or verifying your identity. Once you’ve completed these steps, the age restriction on your TikTok account will be turned off, and you’ll be able to access a broader range of content on the platform.

Why is my TikTok age restricted?

TikTok applies age restrictions to accounts based on the user’s age. If you provided an incorrect birthdate during the sign-up process or your account is flagged for potentially violating TikTok guidelines, your account may have age restrictions. To remove age restrictions and update your age, you can follow the steps mentioned in the previous question.

How can I enjoy unrestricted content on TikTok?

To enjoy unrestricted content on TikTok, you need to turn off the age restriction. By following the steps mentioned earlier, you can easily disable the age restriction on your TikTok account and unlock the full potential of the app. Remember to ensure that you meet the minimum age requirements and update your age if necessary. Explore TikTok freely and have fun!