Are you looking for the best tiktok tips to get viral on the platform? We have got your back. If you are new to the platform & want to get famous, this blog is for you. We will walk you through some amazing tricks that will help boost your content to more people and increase your account engagement. 

However, Tiktok has changed the theme of entertainment & become the most popular social media platform across the world, and it is now home to billion active users. One of the great advantages of being active on TikTok is that it does not take a longer time to make growth. Sometimes, all you have to do is make a video that goes viral to become a creator on Tiktok. So if you wish to gain more visibility for your content, you have to imply the mentioned tricks. So move further to see the tricks that will assist you in gaining exposure on Tiktok.

5 Incredible Tips to Get Million Views & Hearts on Tiktok

If you want to get popular on the platform, what can you do to increase your presence? We have come up with several tips & tricks that will increase your exposure. 

1. Jump to the Trending Challenges & Reels

We always suggest you follow the trends at the time. If you attempt to create the most viral trends, memes, and sound videos, it may likely have the greatest effect on your presence. Understanding what challenges are is the first step, and then you can start the challenge with yourself. Hence, creators and brands follow the trends to make videos that not only get more visibility but also get privileged by the algorithm. One of the significant advantages of using challenges is attracting a massive audience.

To find the most appropriate trends, it’s essential to start finding the hashtags in your niche, then make an engagement with the videos you see and learn what the trend is and act quickly to make your challenge video. Then, you will definitely get the hype in no time.

2. Make High-Quality Videos

Posting low-quality videos on Tiktok will not work in gaining visibility on Tiktok. That may be why you are not getting attention on the FYP page. As most mobile phones offer HD video, so it’s quite easy to make high-worthy videos without a production team. So always post a high-quality video; it will more likely grab users’ attention, meaning a higher view. You can also use the app’s built-in features (editing tools) to make your content more attractive. 

3. Use Trending Hashtags

You must be aware of what kinds of hashtags are trending and then use these hashtags in your videos to reach a wider audience. Your content may appear on the FYP if you use the appropriate hashtags on your videos. However, users search hashtags to find relevant content. Using the right hashtag will help you reach a large number of people who are actively looking for the content you’re creating.

4. Make Short Engaging Videos

Making high-quality short videos is the simplest way to get viral on Tiktok. The less time a user spends watching your video, the more likely they will watch to the end without swiping away. So, always begin your video with an appealing beginning that entices viewers to stay until the end. As the rate of your video completion increases, so will your chances to get on the Tiktok discoverable page. However, you can easily make short videos, such as fun, transitions, and entertaining. So always be creative & engage with your followers.

5. Make a Duet TikTok Video to Attract an Audience

Making duets with other users also leads your way to getting more prominence in your account. So to start a duet, you have to search for a video or songs you want to use. But don’t go into the trouble of a separate recording video; you just have to tap the arrow option on the right to view the sharing menu. From here, you have to tap on Duet and start making your video. After making a video, tap on the checkmark to preview it and then select the Next option to post it. Keep in mind to always give credit to the original creator of the video. So, duets are the most entertaining way to grab a massive audience.


The competition for making tiktok content is huge and will continuously grow in the future. So it’s essential to know the right way to get popular on Tiktok. However, there are lots of tips to get popular on Tiktok. You can use our guide to get viral on the tiktok. But always make your content unique and apply these tricks to make your next video a great hit that will help boost your presence on the platform.