Video is huge on Instagram. Marketers are noticing the trend. But, just putting up any video won’t get you far. People love videos that grab their attention quickly. This piece will discuss the perfect Instagram video length for different kinds of posts. It’ll talk about Stories, Reels, and Live video durations. Plus, you’ll learn tricks to share longer videos without hitting the limits.

Instagram Video Length Limits

Instagram has different video formats, each with length limits. Knowing these limits helps you make better content for the platform.

Instagram Feed Video Length

On the Instagram feed, posts can be up to 60 minutes long. But, most people like videos that are shorter, usually between 15 and 60 seconds. This length is best for getting more people to watch and like your videos.

Instagram Reels Length

Instagram Reels lets you make short videos up to 90 seconds long. These videos grab attention fast and are great for reaching your followers in a fun way.

Instagram Live Video Length

Now, Instagram Live videos can last up to 4 hours. This is a big jump from the 60-minute limit before. It lets creators have longer real-time talks with their audience.

Instagram Story Length

Instagram Stories can be 60 seconds long each. You can post many stories one after the other. This way, you can share a longer story in parts.

How Long of a Video Can You Post on Instagram?

If your video is too long for Instagram, you have options. Use the built-in editor to cut it down. Or, make a carousel post with up to 10 parts. Users can swipe through these parts.

Another option is sharing the video as Instagram Stories. There, you can post as many 60-second clips as you want. This way, you can share your longer video in parts.

Posting Videos Longer Than the Limits

Instagram allows videos up to 60 minutes long. But, shorter videos are usually more popular. Non-celebrities can upload videos up to 10 minutes long. Verified users get to upload videos up to 60 minutes long.

If your video is longer than allowed, you can use different Instagram features. These help you fit your video into their upload limits.

Trimming Videos on Instagram

The in-app editor on Instagram lets you trim videos. You can cut parts off to fit the allowed length. This way, you can keep your key scenes while meeting Instagram’s rules.

Creating Carousel Posts for Longer Videos

With Instagram’s carousel, you can post up to 10 parts. This is perfect for sharing longer videos in shorter pieces. Users can easily swipe through your whole video.

Instagram Video FormatMaximum Length
Instagram Feed Videos60 minutes (10 minutes for regular users, 60 minutes for verified accounts)
Instagram Reels90 seconds
Instagram Stories60 seconds
Instagram Live4 hours
Instagram Video Ads (In-Feed)60 seconds
Instagram Story Ads60 seconds (typically 15-30 seconds)

Instagram Video Formats and Examples

Instagram has many ways for users to post videos. You can post a classic video, share in Reels, or make a Carousel. Each type of video has its own rules. By knowing these, you can make videos that really grab people’s attention.

The Instagram Feed has specific rules. Videos should be either 1080 x 1350 in portrait or 1080 x 1080 in landscape. They can last up to one minute and be as big as 4GB. The best shape for videos is 4:5, but it can be anywhere from 1.91:1 to 9:16.

Reels are Instagram’s version of short, fun videos. They can last up to 90 seconds and must be 9:16. Plus, they should be 1080 x 1920 in size. This also goes for Instagram Live videos. They share the same rules for shape, size, and file size.

Instagram Stories are quick, easy-to-watch videos. They should be 1080 x 1920, but you can make them longer by posting one after another. You can put up Stories that last up to 15 seconds. Now, Carousel posts let you share more by adding video or images. Each video or image follows the 1080 x 1350 size and 4:5 shape.


How long of a video can you post on Instagram?

You can post Instagram Feed videos up to 60 minutes long. But, most people like shorter, interesting videos. For Instagram Reels, the max is 90 seconds. And Live videos can last up to 4 hours. Stories, however, can only be 60 seconds each.

What are the Instagram video length limits?

Here are the limits for Instagram videos: you get 60 minutes for Feed posts, 90 seconds for Reels, up to 4 hours for Live, and just 60 seconds for Stories.

How can I post videos longer than the Instagram limits?

To post lengthy videos on Instagram, try these tricks: – Edit the video in the app to make it shorter. – Utilize carousel posts for up to 10 videos or photos that people can swipe through. – Share your long video in parts, as multiple 60-second Stories.

What video formats are available on Instagram?

Instagram allows users to share videos in different ways. This includes regular Feed posts, Reels for short clips, Live for, well, live broadcasts, and Stories for brief updates.