If you are finding ways to increase your Instagram brand reach, you must consider paid advertisements for your brand. We have covered you if you don’t know how to do it. We will let you know some helpful tactics that will help you boost your brand presence. 

Although the internet has made marketing and advertising simpler for everyone. You just have to choose the right platform to communicate and engage with the audience. Instagram is the greatest platform with active 1 billion users, which helps people increase their reach and step into a newly engaged audience via Instagram sponsored posts. If you are new to Instagram business or marketing, you can start with Instagram ads.

Nowadays, Instagram has become a powerful marketing tool for all types of brands and businesses, as it provides a platform to share visual stories through various ad formats, and many businesses owners have seen this tactic yield a higher ROI (return on investment), which increases your profile reach and followers. Nowadays, more brands are joining Instagram, making it more competitive than before, so always use the right marketing strategies to target the desired audience. Now, read further to find out the strategies you should use to run a paid advertisement on Instagram.

Benefits of Using Instagram Ads Campaign For Your Brand

Instagram is a rapidly growing platform and has the most active users. Though Insta marketing & advertisement has opened the ways to target the desired audience, and lots of brands opt for Instagram to do their marketing. So, if you want to set up your business, start with Instagram marketing & advertisement. It will soon increase your follower’s growth.

As per the research, it is found that the majority of people learn about new products & businesses through Instagram ads. When they see an ad, they visit the site, scroll for their product, and share with friends after seeing the post. It will directly affect their reach. Moreover, insta ads use the Facebook ad manager system, which has the most successful targeting ability. You can determine your target audience’s demographics, interests, behavior, and more. Then the ad will reach your audience & boost your profile. Although, the engagement rate on insta is higher than on any other platform. If we talk about ROI and cost, insta returns the best & effective results in less time. That’s why insta marketing is so essential for the growth of the business.

5 Simple Steps to Create an Instagram Ad 

As we have mentioned, Instagram uses the Facebook ads manager for ads campaigns, so it makes sense you get to manage your Instagram & Facebook ads all at once. To create an ad, you have to sign in to your Facebook account, open the ad manager, and now create your ad and keep certain things in mind.

– Determine Your Goals

It’s important to consider the purpose of your marketing before starting an ad campaign. Do you want it to gain more followers or increase your brand awareness? Or do you wish to improve your sales? No matter what’s on your mind, determining the goal assists you in deciding about what your targeted audience or call-to-action options such as Reels, Stories, or IGTV ads are good for driving views.

– Choose Your Target Audience

Determining the audience is the most important part of your ad campaign. Choosing an audience that does not reach your brand will lower your site rate. So set the rules where & to whom your ads will reach. You can adjust your audience by location, age, gender, education, interest, behaviors, & connections. So the ad will reach the right targeted audience.

 Choose Your Campaign name 

After choosing the ad goal, the screen will enlarge to let you name your ad campaign. It is an effective way to keep track of your ads within insta ad campaigns. So we advise you always to name your campaign. It will help you identify ad performance. 

– Make Your Budget & Schedule

In this section, you have to set the budget you want to spend on your ad campaign and for how long. So you have options to choose between manual setup & budget optimization. Although, budget optimization is a new feature that detects the ads that perform well & then gives out your budget. 

If you are using Instagram advertising for the first time, we highly advise you to use budget optimization as it helps you to pay a lower amount per conversion. Although, the Facebook Ads manager also allows you to make a choice between a lifetime & daily budget. Here is a guide on what you get with the options.

Daily budget runs your ad throughout the whole day while spending up to your chosen budget every day, and a lifetime budget lets your ads run for a particular period while spending the budget over that time frame. Hence, if you set the lifetime budget, you also have to specify the schedule for running the campaign. 

– Select the Ad format

Once you have done the above steps, tap on Continue to move over to the ad creation dashboard. Here, you will have to upload your content and description and publish your ad. Although, there are several formats you can choose for your Instagram ad campaign. Some basic insta ad formats are:

  • Stories Ads- if you opt for this format, it means your photos or video appear in between user stories. 
  • Carousel Ads- This format lets users scroll various images or videos on the feed horizontally.
  • Photo Ads- it contains a single photo, so you have to choose the most attractive photo to grab people’s attention.
  • Video Ads- they are the most attractive ones as they allow users to make a purchase from the ad directly.

Always choose the format related to your campaign. Once you choose the format, you are ready to start your campaign on a huge platform with the target audience.

Now, You Are Ready to Publish Your Instagram Ad Campaign

Instagram marketing & advertising is the best way to get potential benefits and followers. Ads play a crucial role in the social media marketing strategy by organically enhancing the number of followers. If you know how to run an Instagram paid campaign, you can create, run, and track Instagram ads that increase conversions and reach. Remember, you can always buy instagram likes for your post to boost your AD’s performance.

By following the above guide, you can easily start an Instagram ad campaign for your brand. Let us know if you ever run any ad campaigns, or did you get any benefit from the campaign? Share us in the comment section.