Tiktok users strive to get the Blue check mark on their account to get their account visibility, validity, and reliability on Tiktok. So are you also wondering to know how to get verified on the platform? We will walk you through some helpful experimented tips that will help you in boosting your chance of getting verified on Tiktok.

Tiktok is the largest platform globally that features millions of creators who make funny, entertaining videos & win a million views. But making a reputation as a creator is not that easy; fake accounts have damaged the user’s trust. When you follow the brand, celebrity, or any popular singer, you will see a blue checkmark on their account; it gives you a sigh of relief that you are following the right person. So, Tiktok verified badges help people decide whether the accounts they follow are authentic.

However, people wonder how many followers they need to get verified on Tiktok. Tiktok itself will observe whether your account is worthy of getting a verification check mark or not. But, the tiktok officials didn’t break any guidelines on how you get the verification badge; you can’t appeal to be verified. Now let’s discuss some of the important to get the chance of verification.

What is Meant by Verified Account on Tiktok?

 A blue check mark on the account means Tiktok verifies your account, and it means the user identity has been verified. Although, the verification blue mark is generally for celebrities, singers, brands, and public figures because these accounts are at risk of being bullied or copied. That’s why Tiktok gives them a verification mark. So, the verified account bestows their authenticity and validity showing your followers that you are the real one & helps you in gaining more followers. Although, it’s not that simple to get the popular checkmark. So move on to the next section to get the valuable tips. 

8 Useful Tips for Boosting the Chance of Getting Verified on Tiktok

However, there are no instructions given by Tiktok for getting verified. But, we will let you know some of the essential experimented tricks that increase your chance of getting confirmed by Tiktok. Although it is not easy to get the confirmation as it is solely supposed for the brands, public figures, and singers. 

1. Engage Constantly on Your Account

Tiktok content is all about attracting people & gain engagementYou must post content on the account regular & constant. So, regularly posting enhances your visibility and reputation, which helps you get verified. Also, getting more engaged with the trends/challenges and communicating with your followers through comments is one of the best ways to get confirmation.

2. Authenticity of Your Account

Your account must have posts that show your original content, not copied from other users. Hence, your account should display a real person or brand; then Tiktok will observe your account and the information you have given, and then Tiktok will give you a verification mark.

3. Increase Followers 

Growing your Tiktok family is the best way to get close to verification. Your profile must see a definite increase in followers, and your content views per video must be higher. 

4. Follow the TikTok Guidelines

Always try to follow the tiktok guidelines that your video should not break the rules. We advise you to read the guidelines carefully and implement them. Because it helps to get verified if your profile is in good health. 

Hence, violating the rules will directly affect your reach; if it occurs frequently, your account could be deleted. So always stay away from bullying, copying, hate speech, and nudity in your content. 

5. Share Unique & High-Quality Content

To get the blue check mark, publishing the original high-quality content is essential. The more exposure your content gets, the more followers & views you will get. So, people will start following you to get unique, authentic content. They will consider your profile an authentic source of information. If your video goes viral, it will open the way to getting more followers. 

6. Use Popular Hashtags & Sound

Another way to increase the chances of your video going on FYP is by using popular music and hashtags. Choosing the right hashtags in your videos will assist you in getting viral as well as helping you to expand your reach. So, in this case, you will earn more followers.

7. Increase Videos Watch Time

The other significant tip is how long people love to watch your content. If you are creating content that people want to watch repeatedly, it is considered the best way to boost your audience. Hence, team Tiktok observes the watch time of the account content and then decides whom to verify. So, if you observe a frequent increase in your views, you may be close to getting verified.

8. Get the Media Coverage

Getting featured for your brand or profile will open the ways for you to frame in their newspaper or magazine. However, appearing in media shows and podcasts with highly intellectual creators helps you make your name. So, you just have to give them a reason to hire you for their campaigns. It will directly enhance your social media presence.


Getting a verification mark on your profile is not something you can get by your choice. So don’t run for it; you do not need any confirmation to enhance your presence or become famous on Tiktok. You just have to keep an eye on the trending challenges. It will help you grow your visibility. Maybe this helpful guide will become the way to get the verification mark on your profile. If not, then just go on. However, following all the above instructions will be beneficial for you in increasing your profile presence, if not in getting the verification.